The temperament goddess has a hollow retro shoes, both comfortable and temperament, is you get?


In the summer, a question that the beauty often thinks is that how to wear beautiful, not afraid of heat, sweating. Because sweating is very common in summer, it is very common. Many people may pay attention to how to wear clothes to be cool, in fact, shoes are equally important. A pair of comfortable shoes will make you a whole day. Next Xiaobian introduces a pair of hollowed retro small sandals.

This sandal surface is a breathable leather. The designer will deliver fashion epidemic elements and shoes, bringing aesthetic aesthetic, beautiful trendy experience, and wearing eye-catching! Simple appearance, soft and comfortable, no matter whether you match pants, or skirt, you can perfectly show your elegant style.


This shoe uses high-grade materials, soft and smooth, and has good waterproof and corrosive, daily care is more concise, and the foot is now super-beauty arc, generous, elegant and confident. With the design style of the shallow mouth, you can reveal your white back, more sexy woman taste. The shoe is embellished with a strap, and the braided buckle is more changing the retro style.

More comfortable, let you walk not tired. The low-rise design of the thick bottom, soft and anti-wear, improve the comfort of the wearing, bringing unprecedented enjoyment after the feet! With a breathable without internal, comfortable breathable moisture wicking, antibacterial deodorant, so comfortable materials, will carefully care your feet!

The soles are made of high-quality beef tendon, which is wear-resistant and slippery, lifting the comfort, giving you a more comfortable journey! Heart sisters hurry up and click on the next link! The number of pieces is very complete!

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Shallow mouth word buckle flat hollow women’s shoes


¥ 119