If you are a face, you choose what the hat! Choose the right face 3 lap


Play something different at the beginning today, let’s first come

Little question session



Known one



It can not only help us cover the oil head, but also combine fashion and sunscreen, so is it?

YEP, the answer in your heart is right, it is a hat!

As a year online all year round

Wearing weapon


️, what kind of hairstyle is popular now and what kind of hairstyle and shape are suitable for, do you all know ~


It is not clear that it is related to it, and Xi Xiko is here today


Answer to you one by one

Come and get together in summer to be careful!

The first thing to say is the baseball cap, which is convenient and practical. It can be regarded as our daily life


The most common travel equipment

It’s right.

But how to break away from the “Pingfen” of the tour guide hat, the sense of vision,


Wear your own style

, I need to spend my heart about it ~

The baseball caps itself

Leisure movement


It is its advantage, especially in a black and white and gray, a baseball cap in PICK, immediately added a lot of summer yen.


Learn to make a clever use of a bright baseball cap to echo with a look to avoid fancy,

Rich color layering


At the same time, it can fully achieve the effect of age reduction.

When you see this, you should understand why it is hot?

Buy a baseball cap

Let’s, because it’s really too mirror and so good!


This year

Celine Wind

It ’s hot, and I’ m not going to copy with the big name ✍ Who can’t?

A lot recently


They all arranged a baseball cap shape, and choose some designs with simple logo elements


Worship the style of the old -fashioned dress, boldly use a baseball cap and


Dress, suit and other formal clothes

Mix and match, it looks high -level and harmonious.

However, the cool and handsome baseball caps are looking at too much, you can also try to add

Two ponytail sweet girls

, Ensure that you will open the door to the new world!

The fisherman’s hat is also called a bucket hat, because there are hats like buckets and tilted hats,

Sunscreen 挡️ Overclocking effect


It’s better ~

And the material of the fisherman hat is mostly

Soft and good folding fabric


, Sweat and breathable, especially convenient to carry. You only need to switch to the inside. You can wear it.

However, the fisherman hat is quite particular about the choice of style,

Choose according to the face shape

It is guaranteed not to make an error!

Guazi face, heart -shaped face

Sisters of the faces, can pick the brim of the puppet, the combined pot, which is more delicate and cute!

Face, round face, fleshy face

The small CDs are more suitable for the big hat fisherman’s hat. Under the sense of security, it perfectly modifies the head lines. It is the absolute love of the big face girl!

In terms of matching, leaving some common solid color models, in fact, I will recommend more

The color style of the various elements

, Dazzling eye -catching, summer vitality girl is full ~


What if you are

Pursue exquisite shape

The treasures, remember to “lose weight” with curls, bid farewell to the hair, and the procrastinating cumbersome brought by straight hair.

Natural egg roll head, air roll, French curly hair


It’s all very acceptable, guarantee that it will feel bright instantly!

Don’t think that the beret is just limited in autumn and winter. Is it great?


Playful cute Beret


Comes with retro and elegant temperament

It is an effective creation of an atmosphere sensor, which can be salt and sweet.


Soft and charming

It is a perfect match with Xiaoxiangfeng. Incorporating daily wear can further enrich the overall shape and render the exciting literary beauty.

The leather model is refreshing


, Perfect digestion trend, also fashionable with handsome labor costumes and no pressure ~


The retro beret, which is popular in the 1970s, is also a major item that fashionable essence loves.

The design of the octagon


A little arc hat,

Just modify the forehead, cheekbones, chin lines

, Make the face look smaller!


By the way, you must also focus on Amway with you.


Cloud ️ Beret

, It’s a dream hat of the big girl Er!

A slightly exaggerated version of the large version, but the face of the first second is small, super suitable for building


Smart ghost horse girl style



The last top is a straw hat, travel must

Vacation blockbuster

Just be sure to pay attention



If you still loose big T -shirts and daddy pants, then even if you are as beautiful as Nini, it is like going to the countryside.

△ Do not try it easily ‍♀️

Fairy Skirt OR Peerless Swimsuit

Is the best choice. With the beauty of the straw hat, who won’t be excited if you look at it!

Wearing a attack like Sister Ju

Small white skirt

, Walking on the beach, it is more white and beautiful, and temperament is dusty!

Flower dress and straw hat

Don’t miss the combination of combinations. The comfortable rural style coming from the face is fresh and clean and beautiful.

Walking in the green forest in the middle of the forest, I feel smelled across the screen


Summer aroma

During the leisurely weekend holiday, wear a grass to compile hats, and go with three or two friends

Enjoy a relaxed and happy summer time

Right ~

Okay, today

Summer hat collection


Just share it here.

In my heart, people who really wear clothes, except for their own matching, will choose ornaments is also an important ring!

Everyday OOTD always has a few hats. It is always right ‍♀️, simply can decorate fashion, add color to the shape, try this summer


Win with “hat”

Come and pick a top you like ~