What is the most sticky in the car logo


If you simply want to stick to it, the AB glue (epoxy gum) in the hardware shop is basically not removed. If the car is marked, even the paint will fall.

In fact, it is recommended to use 3M double -sided glue. It is not expensive to buy a certain treasure. Before sticking, pay attention to wipe the original standard and the residual or dirt on the body, wipe it with alcohol or propionol. This method will not damage the paint, and the effect is the best. Many manufacturers of the rear of the new car are also pasted with such double -sided glue.

In addition, you can use 401 adhesion. Do not use 502,101 glue, you can’t stick to it

Attach AB glue, 3M glue description:

AB glue is widely used in the manufacturing and repair of various high -end ceramics, glass, metal digital technology and other products. Not applicable to bonding of elastic or soft materials.

3M is the world’s recognized tape industry. The main products include double -sided tape, labels, VHB powerful tape, adhesives, shielding tape, packaging system, protective film, and other special single -sided tape.

3M non-woven base material double-sided adhesive and processability. Generally, temperature resistance is 70-80 ° C for a long time, short-term temperature resistance is 100-120 ° C, and the thickness is generally 0.08-0.15mm. , Cars, mobile phones, electrical appliances, seal, rubber, signs, paper, toys and other industries.