Da Zhang Wei really has a “hip -hop spirit”. The sweater is tattered and wears it.


Many young people are now on the dressing of clothing

Pursuing more sexy and trendy

So a kind of emerging clothing type is born, but it is a hip -hop style clothing style.

Hip -hop style costumes are more biased towards street style,

It combines many different elements,

This has created a new fashion trend.

This is also an important factor for many young people to choose hip -hop clothing.

Hip -hop clothing shows the sense of fashion in different clothing matching. Next, I will take you to see what fashion charm of hip -hop clothing.

There is a male star in the entertainment industry very hip -hop, that is, Zhang Wei. Therefore, men can learn from Zhang Wei’s hip -hop style.

Hip -hop style style matching benefits

▷ With freedom, loose version

Hip -hop style costumes are more representative,

Young people’s attitude towards fashion trends.

So for hip -hop clothing, one of its biggest benefits,

It is very free in terms of matching

You can match your favorite hip -hop style according to your preferences and personality.

On the other hand, most of them have hip -hop style,

It is a loose design in the version

Therefore, it is precisely because of such a version of design that there are not too many requirements in terms of body requirements.

So whether it is a boy or a girl,

Whether it is obesity or a thin person

You can go boldly trying hip -hop style.


Hip -hop style clothing with personality recommendation

▷ Cavetled tailoring design

The cutting of the hole can be said to be the most representative tailoring design in the hip -hop style.


Irregular hole breaking design can

Add a little unruly in the overall shape.

And such tailoring design is very personal, compared to those quite satisfactory design methods.

The design of the holes will be more attractive,

And it will form a good visual focus.


The overall shape can be more sexy and fashionable.

The unique tailoring of the holes is wearing people’s daily clothing,

It can be said that it is a relatively common design method, and it is very widely used. It is reflected in the jacket and in pants, and the return rate is super high.

For example, you can see Da Zhangwei’s private server of the airport, I have to say that Zhang Wei really has a “hip -hop spirit”. The sweater is tattered and wears it. Da Zhang Wei was wearing this, and the line was exposed and fashionable.

Recommended style of hip -hop clothing

▷ Printed T -shirt+Beam Pants

If you have a vague impression on hip -hop -style clothing,

Then you can choose to combine the printed T -shirt and beam pants.

Most T -shirts with hip -hop style


In the version, it is biased towards a loose type,

And this is also a symbol of hip -hop style.

If you think that the net version of the T -shirt will be too monotonous, then the addition of the printing design will increase the trend of the T -shirt itself.

on the other hand,

The addition of beam pants will make the overall shape more textured and layered

Essence Even if the whole body is a black match, the visual sense will not show a monotonous feeling, but it is very fashionable.


▷ suit jacket

Some people may think that in hip -hop -style clothing, suit can be said to be a very rare option.

But in fact, if the suit will

Make a subtle change in the version


Then the effect on the whole will be very different.

For example, at the shoulder of a suit jacket,

The design of the shoulder pad to the shoulder design.

Such a design will show more nature, and it can weaken the seriousness brought by the suit.

If you think,

The pure black suit jacket will be slightly monotonous

Then you may wish to add some pure white line design, which will make the overall shape more bright in design, thereby creating a new fashion and sexy.

On the other hand, the suit itself has a loose version, and this also meets the requirements of hip -hop clothing.

▷ Black shirt+pants pants

The rareness of the suit is a black shirt.

However, in the impression of most people, black shirts can be tied together in one of the hip -hop -style clothing,

It is mainly because it is a loose design in the design.

On the other hand, if you think a pure black shirt, it will be slightly monotonous visually, then you may wish to

Put a printed T -shirt with a large pattern in the shirt.

In this case, it can be more than a large extent

Sexy that reflects the overall shape

And it also meets the requirements of hip -hop clothing.

Hip -hop clothing elements matching

▷ contrasting design style match

The pursuit of hip -hop clothing is to use personality and distinctive method in the matching design, and


The style of the contrasting color design

It can be said to be a good choice of hip -hop clothing.

Most in the next clothing, the contrasting color design is

Two colors with a large color gap in one fusion.

Such stitching can

Form a visual focus,

Causes a great visual impact that can show more sexy and fashionable sense. Let the overall seem to be slightly monotonous because of a single color system.

▷ Stacking design matching elements

The design style of stacking,

It can be said that it is a way of dressing by young people.

Many people will choose


Put a bottoming shirt with the same color system in the sweater

This kind of matching method will cause a sense of layering in the world, and the overall shape is more ghostly.


And the same color clothing match

It can make the overall shape look more coordinated,

It will not be slightly abrupt because the color of the bottom shirt is not in line with the outside.

Introduction to the content of hip -hop clothing above,

Presumably everyone should have a more comprehensive understanding and understanding of such clothing.

I hope you can try to change your dress style,

Try this kind of personalized clothing with boldly

Maybe you can experience the new fashion trend through the charm brought by hip -hop clothing.