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1. What are the Li Ning competition uniforms?

Since Li Ning officially sponsored the Chinese National Feather Team in 2009, for 11 years, major international events have launched a competition service every year. The team members have the following characteristics:

1 national flag on the chest.

Report | 李宁羽毛球大赛服

2 Li Ning LOGO is larger and more eye -catching.

Report | 李宁羽毛球大赛服

3 Basically, there are sponsor logo, such as Red Bull, Citroen, Debon Express, Everbright Bank, etc., and have no additional sponsors in 18 years.

Report | 李宁羽毛球大赛服

There is space between China and Li Ning LOGO behind 4 to be used for the players’ name pinyin abbreviations.

5 The quality is different. The national team version is better than the commercial version. It can be briefly understood as more durable.

From 2009-2020, there are many contests launched by events every year.

Super Brother chat badminton (Douyin)

The commercial version is wearing in the video. The statistics of some styles are as follows:

Report | 李宁羽毛球大赛服

Super Brother’s old contestants’ real shots

In terms of price:

A athlete version

, Referred to as CP for short, either the athlete’s name abbreviation is printed behind, such as Lin Dan (Lin D), Cai Y, Fu Haifeng (FU H f), etc. Some places that should have been printed are empty. Generally valuable, starting at 10,000 yuan, and tens of thousands of yuan is also possible.

B Commercial Edition Competition

, Tag price 499, the price has always changed according to the market conditions. From 349-99. Generally speaking, the latest model of that year, the official price of 349, and some major manufacturers’ promotions were sold below 300. The lowest discount that has been seen at present is 50 % off Li Ning’s signing and sale, as well as the signature of stars. 139 free shipping is a style that specializes in many years ago, and some merchants can not be sold, so they are dealt with at a loss.

C fan version

Report | 李宁羽毛球大赛服

The style is similar to B, but in terms of details and quality, it is not the same as the same day. The price of the tag has reached 239, but the quality is far less than B. From a user perspective, buying 4 fans (C) experience, it is better to buy 1 contest version (B).

Report | 李宁羽毛球大赛服

2. Where is the Li Ning contest service?

From a quality perspective, it is also the unanimous feedback from many golfers. The common jerseys on the market can be sorted as follows:

Li Ning Contest Edition -Yuni Contest Edition (JP) -Li Ning Fan Edition -Shengli Contest Edition -Li Ning Training Services — Unie Normal

This sort combines the following considerations:

A will play in summer, whether the sweaty clothes will be personal

B will be smelly after sweating

C’s sweat speed dry performance

D clothes will be wrinkled after washing

2019 Sudyman Cup Contest Server

2018 World Championships Services

2016 Tangyou Cup Contest Server

2018 Tangyou Cup Contest Server


Sweating dark pattern

3. Regarding the size fluctuation of the Li Ning contest service

If there is any shortage of Li Ning’s competition, the size is often not standard. But for 18 years, there are few bias.

A piece of one clothes

Although the Li Ning competition service is good, there is a fatal disadvantage:

Each version is different, some are length, some are short, some are fat … so …

The competition in the 12/13/14/14/15 years, the overall size is large, for example, M at that time, between the normal ML

16 relative standards

The overall half size of 17, such as M at that time, between normal SM

Report | 李宁羽毛球大赛服

The partial body of 18/19 is okay, but it must be a bit thin.

B women’s men’s wear

Of course, the loyal fans of many contests have seen a certain competition uniform, but the men’s models are gone, so can women’s models wear it?

Yes, in general, the female XXL and the standard men’s M are close (single top), including very few styles of women’s XL and standard men’s M near, the size and so on. One code is increased by 2cm (tank), and the length of clothing is increased by 2cm.

It is not recommended to try shorts, because the women’s pants themselves are shorter than men’s models, so the embarrassment of “the waist circumference is too short, the length is too short, and the pants are too fat”!

It is worth reminding:

After 17 years, the supporting shorts of the contest clothes are often rare. Although I do n’t know why, I raise a chestnut: the 18th World Championship Black (wild) L (golden code) shorts. 180, Li Ning’s official 239 (tag price 299), and then until the beginning of 19 years, the official selling price dropped to 209, and the general store’s pants have long been sold out, one pants are difficult to find. This is that any store can have this pants. Selling 209 (even higher, because the official website is only other color, other sizes, without black L).

At that time, the black L lost in a tag in my shop and sold 209. The buyer was very grateful to me because he looked for this pants for more than half a year.

Fourth, Li Ning contest service washing attention

Report | 李宁羽毛球大赛服

No matter how good the clothes are, I need to wait gentle. My suggestion is:

1. The best hand washing

2. Consider the washing machine in the inside

3. Those who have conditions, after the inside and out, use a laundering bag