The lumbar spine can not bear the illness, I started with Nonota medicine belt


丨 Earlier

When people reach the age of 30, the most obvious feeling is that the energy decreases. When I was in college, a group of friends went out to play overnight and played the next day. Say overnight.

In addition, there is one more obvious for physical changes, because most of the years after graduation are in front of the computer, that is, at least several hours a day (even more than ten hours when overtime) are more than ten hours). Sitting on a computer chair, the lumbar spine obviously felt more stiff, and even in severe cases. Therefore, I was preparing to start a medical belt to relieve lumbar spine damage. Otherwise, I would like to find all the lumbar disc herniation and spondylosis in the next decade.


丨 The role of medical care belt

The first thing to know is that there are many types of belts in the current belt. The common is medical belt, sports belt, and shaped belt. Different types of belt belts have their own use. Among them, the medical belt is the only type of belt that has both protection and treatment, which is applicable to many lumbar spine diseases. For example, when lumbar disc herniation or patients with soft tissue injury to the waist can increase the stability of the lumbar spine, reduce the range of lumbar spine, avoid accidental damage, and promote the effect of blood circulation in the waist.

丨 Nuotai Medical Belt


The outer packaging design of Nuo Tai Medical Belt is very simple. The left side of the packaging is the brand logo. At the same time, there is: “The waist is not good to find Note” logo. Essence Part of the inside of the packaging is two parts, one is the waistband body for Nocai medicine, and the other is a instruction manual containing product information and how to warranty.

Nuo Tai Medicine’s belt can be said to be the best appearance of the same type of similar products. The main body uses gray fabrics, which is soft and comfortable. At the same time, the two sides are supplemented by yellow pressure bands.

Here is the role of the pressure band. The biggest effect of the belt above mentioned above is that it can increase the stability of the lumbar spine and reduce the range of lumbar spine. “To achieve this effect, then the existence of the pressure band is necessary to be necessary. ——Notai Medicine’s belt with a supercharged belt on the left and right, which can better fit the body and increase the pressure after tightening. Find the most comfortable intensity within the range that you can bear.


Besides, when I returned to Nobita Medicine’s belt, when I cared for the belt product, I found that many users commented: “impermeable” and “the skin is so red that the skin is red” … It turned out that some products used a whole piece of cloth as a belt, and The result of this is impermented. If it is used in a thermal pad, it may be stuffy red. It may also be considered this that the large area of ​​nacoma’s belt is designed with a large area of ​​pores. In this case, it will not feel the problem of sweltering when using it.


As for the core support part, Notey Medicine’s belt uses a “embracing arched support” technology, which uses a 26 ° bionic curve aluminum plate with high support intensity. The force of the waist is achieved.


In the end, Nonotable’s waistband with three different types of pads (spontaneous fever, coral velvet, honeycomb pads) can meet the rotation of different use environments and different needs of each person. I personally prefer spontaneous thermal pads. Although it will be sultry in summer, if it is in an air -conditioned environment (especially the office is turned on the air conditioner all day), the warm back of the back very good.


丨 Wearing Demonstration

The process of using Norotine’s belt is very simple. The first step is to place the pads you want to use in the magic sticker behind the belt.

Then put the recessed belt on the outside (that is, the side of the LOGO) on the position of the back belt, then surrounds the two sides of the belt to the abdomen. The belt is sufficient.

Finally, put another moving picture to demonstrate the entire process. It is still very simple to wear. Whether you are sitting or standing, you can easily wear them alone.


丨 Write at the end

With the acceleration of the social rhythm, more and more young people will inevitably have problems after graduating for a few years. This is the reason for the lack of exercise, and on the other hand, there is no better protection of the lumbar spine. Thanks to the northern medical care belt, I have felt that the lumbar spine really feels better since I experienced it during this time. I recommend everyone to start.