Playful style of seasoning tanks


When visiting the home of fashion life, you will be amazed. Even the kitchen is so delicate, and the details are wonderful. For example, the seasoning tank is full of the sense of design and the fun of germinating the soul, and it is full of creativity, making cooking truly a fun and pleasure of life.


In fact, the most wonderful part of the kitchen is that it can reveal the essence of romance -romance is not just the penetration of the mountain alliance before spending, the romance lies in the consideration of the rice oil and salt. In home life.

Together with Zhai Doudou, use a playful and charming seasoning tank to capture the most wonderful details in life.


Japanese Fresh Department

zakka bamboo wood ceramic seasoning tank

If you love MUJI’s minimalist design style, then this seasoning tank should not be missed. White ceramic jar, bamboo and wooden bottle cap, simple to the extreme without any extra decoration. But the delicate and smooth lines, the fresh match of white and logs, highlight the artistic tone. You can smell the fragrance of bamboo and wood in detail.


Reference price: ¥ 66.90


Ceramic seasoning can


This is also a simple seasoning tank, a white ceramic tank. The relief pattern makes the design simple but not simple. The bamboo and wooden cover exudes natural interest. The jack design on the seasoning can, the spoon can also be covered with the lid. A group of seven seasonings, which are attached to the shelf with bamboo and wood, and put them together to make your kitchen instantly transform into a small Japanese fresh style.

Reference price: ¥ 168.00


Glass ceramic seasoning tank


Simple and cute -style seasoning tanks, there are 6, 3 round glass cans, 3 ceramic square tanks, double -layer design, which can put down a variety of seasonings to meet the cooking needs of cookers. With a bamboo shelf, it is more fresh and clean, allowing the summer kitchen to bring ice and visual effects.

Reference price: ¥ 238.00

Japanese high -end ceramic seasoning tank

The seasoning tank is an indispensable helper for the kitchen, and the beauty of details often moves better. Just like this simple and well -behaved seasoning tank, the pink color is quiet and beautiful, and the elegant little flowers embellish seem to have a dark aroma. The relief hand -painted ice crack effect emphasizes the texture. The exquisite bamboo bottom plate is injecting a smart natural atmosphere into the kitchen. Such a cute seasoning can make you busy in the kitchen.

Reference price: ¥ 89.90

Cute and cute


Fortune cat seasoning tank


Xiaobian has always felt that the storing tank of cartoon animals is the most loving. This group of cat -recruiting cat seasonings, cats that can be stunned, and playful candy colors make the kitchen instantly full of innocence. The seasoning tank can be combined or used alone, which can be placed in various kitchen condiments. Each jar is also intimate with an independent seasoning spoon. It is a good helper for beautiful chefs.


Reference price: ¥ 45.00

Cartoon animal seasoning tank

Put this set of cartoon animals in the kitchen, and the cooking table becomes a cute mini zoo. Rabbit, panda, brown bears, cats … Create your cute kitchen park. The lid has a spoon to put on the small mouth. Do not worry about the spoon sliding and the lid of the can, but also a beautiful bamboo pallet for easy storage. Putting various seasonings, not only fresh ingredients, but also “seasoning” for the kitchen, interpretation of happiness for life!

Reference price: ¥ 136.00


Cute fruit series seasoning can


Seeing the sweet fruit tanks, it seems like a sweet fruity aroma, and even the hot summer heat has disappeared a lot. Orange, watermelon, lemon, cantaloupe … colorful, playful in shape, and imitation of the bumpy grain of fruit skin. The watermelon tray with hand -painted patterns, the front three -dimensional relief, the three -dimensional watermelon seeds are realistic. This seasoning tank is embellished with the fun of life in the kitchen, they are waiting for the owner who loves life.

Reference price: ¥ 25.00


Fashion Simple Department


Black and white simple seasoning tank

Simple style of ceramic kitchen utensils, neat black and white colors, thick glaze, bright glaze color, delicate and bright feel. It can be used to put salt, monosodium glutamate, sugar, etc., beautiful and practical, making the kitchen vividly. The inverted hook design on the lid, the lid is not easy to slip.


Reference price: ¥ 20.00

Vertical rotating seasoning box


This is a super -saving seasoning tank. If your cooking table is not large enough, then hurry up to take this tall seasoning tank home. Multi -layer seasonings can make full use of space. The design of the cover is convenient to clean. The beautiful blue and white porcelain, the pastoral purple flowers, the gorgeous and exquisite Cloisonne, the fashionable and simple coffee transparency, the four patterns, the four different kitchen style.

Reference price: ¥ 18.00

Creative seasoning house

This seasoning tank has a playful name: seasoning house. The pointed color roof, like a cute little house in a fairy tale. The unique vertical stacking design saves space. With the taste sticker and a small spoon of capacity, the lid can be removed and clean, and you will always remind your healthy diet.


Reference price: ¥ 79.20

Better Life Proposal: June, release the kitchen storage energy

In the happy summer, the vitality is full of vitality. You are going to call your friends to come to the home, but you find that the kitchen that has never been paid attention to on weekdays has long become messy. How to do? Zhai Doujun will make suggestions for you.

Step 1, organize the storage space such as hanging cabinets, floor cabinets, and standing cabinets to allow dishes and pots to place places;

Step 2, set a partition, hanging rod on the wall, store flavor tanks, stainless steel spoons, and even group photos of family members, timely purchased by travel, inject romantic interest into the kitchen;

Step 3, use various storage objects to make the details storage partition more reasonable and scientific, at a glance.