20 and smart creative gardening ideas


I will share some ideas and skills of gardening, they come from my horticultural practice. I have selected my favorite and quite creative 20 methods, I hope you can like it too.

Pelvic planting


When the plants in the garden need to be replaced, I don’t need to dig it with a shovel, because I have a very good way. I put a flower pot in the garden planting soil, and then put another plant with a plant in the first one in the first one. It is already in the pot in the soil. In this way, the plant in the garden is very easy to run, and only the plant needs to be taken out of the pot.


2. Put the foam plastic in the planting basin

Putting foam plastics at the bottom of the planting pot can help improve drainage. The foam plastic is very light, which is convenient for large potted movements. Foam plastic is cheaper than soil. However, ensure that a layer of geomantic cloth is covered on the foam plastic so that the soil will not leak to the bottom of the pot.

Remarks: Search for geographical cloths on Taobao, and you will find it.


3. Calcium supplement for your garden


Crush the eggshell with a fragmented machine, and then sprinkle it in the garden to supplement the garden to supplement calcium. After crushing, the calcium in the eggshell is easier to absorb.

4. Make pets dare not approach plants

Animals, especially cats, will make your garden like a garbage dump. Plastic forks can be used around the plants to be protected to deter the animals to protect the fruits, vanilla and vegetables in your garden.

5. Plastic container garden


You do not mean that you can’t do gardening activities. It is a good idea to use a suitable, light, hole plastic storage box as a planting container. Put some peanut shells in the bottom of the storage box and cover a layer of geotechnical cloth, which makes the planting box light and easy to move. They are suitable for planting on the balcony of a small apartment.

6. Diabes are good for soil moisturizing

Put the diaper in potted plants is beneficial to soil moisturizing, especially for plants that need to be watered every day in summer.

7. Use diarrhea in the garden

There are many uses of diarrhea, including making your garden healthier and beautiful. The diarrhea is rich in magnesium and sulfate that is very important for plant growth. Put the diarrhea salt of the two spoons in the kettle, and pour the potted plants once a month. You can also sprinkle it in the soil to better germinate the seeds. Salt salt has a significant effect on tomatoes and pepper, because they often lack magnesium, especially when potted. At the first planting, add a soup spoon in the soil. Once the plant matures, sprinkle more diarrhea in the soil.

8. Fertilize your plant

Save the soup with the boiled plant! The nutritious soup is conducive to the lush plant. After the soup is cooled, use them to pour your garden and potted plants, which will make the plants more lush.


9. Use grapefruit skin as a seedling pot

The seedlings in a grapefruit skin are not because of the cuteness of grapefruit skin, but because it can be filled with soil in grapefruit skin, and grapefruit skin can provide nutrients for plants. Don’t forget to dig a drainage hole at the bottom of the grapefruit leather.


10. Cement brick to make flower beds


I like to use cement bricks, because there are some holes in the flower bed that can be planted separately.

11. Line coffee filter paper on the bottom of the pot

I like this idea very much for indoor flowers! Every time you water the flowers, some soils will flow out of the holes of the basin and soil the floor. Excess water can be discharged through coffee filter paper and can protect the soil.

12. Use eggshell seedlings

In the room, the seeds can be placed in the eggshell for seedlings. Why is the egg shells perfect planting container? The eggshell is free. It can provide the booming calcium that is boiled. The name of the seeds on the egg shell can be convenient to distinguish the plants after germination, which is convenient to move the seedlings with egg shells into the garden.

13. Cutting roses in potatoes


Put the bottom of the rose cutting cutting into a small potato, which is conducive to water preservation and promoting long roots.

14. Prevent plants from growing up


Many people have a headache for some plants in the garden. In fact, they are very simple. Cut off the bottom of the plastic flower pot and bury it into the soil! It uses it to prevent fast growing plants, which grows older and occupied your garden. This simple and easy horticultural skills limited the growth of the plant root system, can better control the size of the plant, and protect the plants around the crazy plants from being violated.

15. Plastic potting irrigation system


Putting some holes in the center of your garden, it is like creating a well, which is convenient for irrigation of the deep roots. This is especially useful for pumpkin. When the root of the pumpkin is ripe, the root can grow deeper and deeper in the soil. Under the drought climate, it is difficult to reach the bottom of the root.


16. DIY Mini Sunshine Room

When the temperature of the seedlings is not enough, the 3/4 of the plastic cola bottle is used to make a mini -sunshine room to cover the small flower pots that cover the seedlings. Let the children participate in this production together. The child must be happy.


17. pinch vanilla


In addition to Laler, the top of the sanctuary branches can stimulate the vanilla to grow beautiful and healthy leaves. Put the lobe at the top of the vanilla plant with the flowers and stems, which promotes the new leaves. Vanilla has a natural survival and reproduction ability, so when they are pinched, they will send a signal to sleeping leaf buds to promote growth. What an incredible working principle! Intersection

18. Homemade rain bucket


How much uses this! You can collect rainwater directly from the house drainage pipe, store it into the raindrop barrel, and then use it to pour your garden, lawn and potted plants. When making, you only need a large trash can, an electric drill, a pair of pliers and some other basic tools. Easy to do!

19. Qiangxi bed garden


Consider making a dry stream that increases visual interest! Qiangxi can divide the courtyard into different areas. Not only does it look beautiful, it is also conducive to draining on the slope, and it is low maintenance.


20 Make removing weeds at home

Use 1 gallon white vinegar, a cup of salt, and a large spoon of soap liquid to remove weeds, and use it carefully, because the herbicides are also destructive for grass. Gap, border of landscape and other areas. If you spray the anthropomine directly in the sun, the effect will be obvious.

After watching these creative golden ideas, let’s feel excited! Let’s try it together, you know how good they are!