Cotton quilt compares with silk quilt


The cotton was used for thousands of years, and the warmth was warm, but with the improvement of living standards, the disadvantages gradually reflected. Silk is well -fitted, with more gaps in the fiber, soft and warm, warm in winter and cool in summer, not dry or fire, fluffy, lightweight, no odor, no odor.

Introduction to cotton quilt

The filling of the cotton quilt is cotton, naturally soft, non -irritating, warm, environmentally friendly, and less electrostatic. After the sun is irradiated, the elasticity of cotton fibers will be recovered. This is why the thickness will be found after the cotton quilt. In the evening, the calories inside will be released, which will feel warmer and easier to enter deep sleep.

As a traditional heating material, cotton flower has a natural curl for cotton fiber fineness, and the cross section has a middle cavity. Therefore, the warmth is better. It is the most used quilt.

Cotton is heavy, cannot be washed, and easy to connect. Everyone who has been covered knows that the cotton quilt is more and more stuck, and the body is oppressed for a long time. People with three highs are not suitable for use, and the quilt will be renovated every 1-2 years, otherwise the plate will end up. It affects sleep comfort and warmth. There is also a fatal disadvantage of cotton quilt, which is easy to breed bacteria and mites! Skin experts clinically discovered that about 8%of skin allergies are related to the pollution of the quilt. In addition, 20%of allergic asthma at night is also related to the quilt, so the quilt needs to be carefully taken care of, otherwise it will become our health. Hidden dangers killer.

The cotton winter is more large, so people with high weight and poor blood circulation and elderly people, pregnant women, etc. should not be used, and they are often refurbished.

Introduction to silk

The best silk quilt should be filled with 100 % mulberry silk, which is an “green” environmental quilt. The silk fabric is adopted to use high -density and full cotton fabric, which can be combined with silk to make the product more skinny and comfortable. The craftsmanship of the mulberry silk quilt is delicate, the silk is more fluffy, and the comfort is stronger. As the saying goes: “One pound of silk and three pounds of cotton” means that the warmth of a pound of silk can be worth three pounds of cotton, so mulberry silk is enough to be 4-6 pounds. Although it is exaggerated, about 38%inside the silk is hollow, which can play a good thermal insulation effect. Smooth and closeness can reduce the situation of turning off the shoulders when sleeping. The so -called seven -hole and nine -hole fibers on the market are actually the more holes, the more rough the fiber.

Silk is known as the “second skin”, which is called “fiber queen” by the industry. Its structure is the closest to human skin, and 87%are exactly the same. , Increase human vitality and slow down aging. The main ingredients are animal protein fiber, which contains 18 essential amino acids for the human body. Among them, mulberry silk fibers are very thin and long, so mulberry silk is not only good for health care, but also comfortable and personal. The water absorption of silk is 1.5 times that of cotton, so it has good moisturizing and dehydration performance. The toughness of the silk is also very good, similar to the steel wire with the same thickness, so the silk is very durable. When the internal temperature is too high, the human sweat increases, and it will quickly absorb and emit sweat. Water vaporization will take away the heat, thereby reducing the internal temperature and not feeling sultry.

With long service life, silk is a latitude mesh structure, and one bed can be used for 15-20 years. Nowadays, more and more people like silk quilts, delicate, silky, soft, gentle and warm, naturally admitted, and they don’t leave their bodies, as if every inch of skin can feel gentle package.

Silk is too high, and the quality of the silk on the market is uneven. Many of the silk quilts made of silk silk or short fiber silk are usually bleached by chemical bleaching, so these silk has been lost in green.

The difference between the silk quilt and the cotton quilt

1. Different materials of the quilt: silk is filled with silk, and quilts are cotton as filled materials.

2. Different comfort: The main component of silk is pure natural animal protein fiber. Its structure is the closest to human skin, and its comfort is much higher than that of ordinary quilts.

3. Different thermal preservation: More than 38%inside the silk is hollow. The main ingredient is protein. It has good warmth and breathability. There are some cold at the beginning of ordinary quilts.

Silk quilt method of storage

1. You must dry air before storage;

2. The storage environment should be cleaned to avoid dust;

3. Place in a cool and ventilated place to avoid humidity. Do not put it in a plastic bag to prevent long -term suspension of moisture and reduce the quality of silk;

4. Avoid high temperature and strong light, otherwise it will cause silk to become crispy and easy to break, losing pearl -like luster;

5. Avoid heavy pressure to avoid affecting the rebound and fluffyness;

6. Do not add chemicals such as camphor pills, flavors, pesticides and other chemicals.

Identification of silk quilt

Compared with cotton quilts, the former is more beneficial to physical health. The latter is more economical. If the economic conditions are good, it is recommended to choose a silk quilt, but you must choose the right silk quilt. Will spend money!

Because the composition of the silk is pure natural animal protein, it will turn into gray with fire, but the fake silk is different; you can also draw a little silk to observe. It will not be easily discontinued.