Be careful with the perfect figure, Dianfen’s new AQUA water bag underwear easily achieves a summer charming curve


In the hot summer, the light dress shows the advantages and disadvantages of the figure, and it is inevitable that it is a little embarrassing to pursue coolness. Is it just like to put on the “armor” to welcome the heat? Dianfen, a century -old underwear brand, wants women. After more than 100 years of professional research and inheritance, the new Aqua Flora water bag underwear has been launched. Even if the figure is not perfect, there are beautiful first aid cheats to allow you to enjoy confidence in summer and use the Daanfen water bag underwear to create a charming curve.

完美身材小心机,黛安芬全新Aqua水袋内衣 轻松成就夏日迷人曲线

Sales champion AQUA Huanxin strikes, cooling for you

Deanfen’s sales champion AQUA continues the characteristics of concentration and sexy upper body, and after several improvements, the proportion of the water bag looks lighter after adjustment, keeping the shape and making women easier. Four cup types with women’s graceful and changing temperament: The best -selling deep V water bag bra with star oil bottle cushion, the upper body is immediately upgraded to shape the proud posture. 3/4 Water bag bras are perfectly supported and gathered in the chest, combining the stabilization yarn at the side amplitude and the shoulder strap, to switch to walking and running. Magic plastic water bottle bra has a unique soft steel ring built -in, which is intimately alleviated with the burden on women, so that the chest experience has no restraint. Soft and thin bras can be one of your stylish styles. You can show your different attitudes with your clothing. The back of the V -shaped design of the back creates a beautiful back line.

完美身材小心机,黛安芬全新Aqua水袋内衣 轻松成就夏日迷人曲线

Summer beautiful first aid, use AQUA perfect woman curve

完美身材小心机,黛安芬全新Aqua水袋内衣 轻松成就夏日迷人曲线

The cool midsummer is immediate, and the perfect curve allows Aqua to achieve you. The unique water bottle design, soft fitting different chest shapes, is more like tailor -made for you. Under the soft water bottle pad, the concentration effect of raising the cup instantly, shaping the full and straight chest shape. Dianfen has been committed to providing diverse support for each woman in 130 years. During the design process, not only requires perfect styles, but also pursues excellent quality. The use of each material has undergone very complex professional research and continuous innovation. The latest AQUA series of water bottle underwear’s external printing skills and embroidery combination, multi -color embroidery lace outlines exquisite flower patterns, the back amplitude and side amplitude with fresh flower patterns elastic lace, beautiful and exquisite, catering to women’s changeable charm, retro , Pure, sexy, romantic style letter

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