Promise me, don’t wear white coats, look at these details, exquisite atmosphere, worthy of reference


It is said that women’s shopping is impulsive. Under multiple impulses, we will inevitably buy some items that they do not like, such as most of the styles that are very similar. At this time How can we match the white coat with new ideas?

Don’t worry, let’s share the formulas of these four groups of white coats, advanced and age -reducing, maybe it can solve the troubles of matching for you.


1. With a half skirt


The H version of the white coat has a good tolerance effect on the body after the upper body. It will not look particularly bloated. On the contrary, it will hide the fat on the body. With a refreshing and delicate white coat with a light gray pleated gauze skirt, it is gentle and low -key, which reveals elegant charm, and the whole person has become a lot of advanced.

In the shape of the white coat, the way to wear inside does not show up, it seems to be more stable, and this way of opening the inside can only appear more open and lively. The skirt is paired with a white coat, which exudes intellectual charm in maturity, and the whole person looks particularly elegant.


The mature woman chooses this large version of the white woolen coat, although it will add its own sense of stability, but it will inevitably be monotonous. Therefore, if you want to be elegant and not stable, choose black with this star -like style As a single product, the skirt is neither monotonous, but also gentle.


The white coat with a white pleated skirt, the color itself is a bit flat. The upper body uses the retro brown turtleneck sweater to weaken this monotonous sense. This overall match looks fresh and fresh, and it also has a sense of age.


Second, with straight pants

For women, dressing is a process of avoiding strengths and avoiding weaknesses, exerting their own body advantages, covering up the shortcomings of their bodies, and can exude their own charm to the greatest extent. Straight pants can cover the fat on the legs very well, and play the effect of modifying the leg shape. It is particularly suitable to match the white woolen coat.

If you want to wear more feminine, we can also learn this set of formulas. It uses white coats with camel high -waisted straight pants and bright red high heels. The exquisite charm is exquisite, which is very advanced.


The hooded white woolen coat with a horn buckle, compared to ordinary white coats, with white straight nine -point pants, more lively and age -reducing. Do n’t worry about being too obtrusive to control. In fact, it looks gentle and beautiful Fresh, especially full of youthful vitality.


In the formal and capable workplace style, it pays attention to the generous and decent shape, but also does not lose its sense of stability. This set of white woolen coats with gray suit pants is perfectly reflected. The upper body uses white knitted sweater with a white shirt. Exquisite and refreshing taste, although it is multi -layered, it looks not heavy at all.

In winter, if you want to look refreshing and not thick, it is particularly important to portray the high waistline. Inside the white woolen coat, choose a white shirt with a camel high -waisted suit pants. It is capable and refreshing. It seems that walking with a gas field.

Third, with wide -leg pants


The atmospheric and simple match has always paid attention to the echo in color, and uses the refreshing white woolen coat, with the same style of white high -waisted wide -leg pants, capable without losing the aura. Gentleness.

Fourth, with bottom socks

The tight matching of upper Panasonic has always been the favorite of many women. It also has certain advantages in the slimming of the calf lines. The white coat of the large lapel style is high -level and refined. Show and western.

A person’s clothing can not only gain experience from practice, but also summarize the experience from the demonstration of others. Do you like it?

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