Light luxury style decorative material: designers have summarized 8 major decorative materials to create a unique effect of living rooms


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: Designer Chen Xingzhi

The decoration of the new house, the light luxury style is loved by the masses, but it is often unpredictable from the decorative materials. If you encounter a designer with a low qualification, you will have the same texture in the clouds of the home. There is no texture.

Therefore, designer Chen Xingzhi, today from this article, I summarized the 8 major decorative materials about the light luxury style. If your new house is preparing to decorate, you can get familiar with which decorative material can be matched with the light luxury style. Essence

1. Velvet

Velvet is a collective referred to as cutting silk fabrics. The surface of its material has fluff, most of which are composed of specialized golden wires. The metal -like luster, smooth touch, three -dimensional feel …


No matter what item or fusion of velvet is used in what items or fusion of the product, it can play a certain finishing touch, especially in the matching of some new houses. It can give people a different decorative effect.

Designer Chen Xingzhi case recommendation:

Velvet single sofa

Velvet bed


Velvet pillow


2. Fur

Fur has been exclusive since ancient times. It is still a symbol of status. The fur has been embellished in home decoration accessories. Among them, fur as the furniture of the fur is common, and it has become the finishing touch of light luxury indoor decoration.


Occobe, cow leather, etc., wearing a layer of noble, gorgeous but not lack of tough costumes for interior design, and fluffy fabric mixes of artificial fur, most of which are used in the decoration of wooden furniture and metal furniture, creating a warm space warmth Atmosphere and noble temperament.


3, stone

In the light luxury style home space, it has a sense of fashion and does not lack noble quality. Combined with the natural atmosphere of the natural texture of marble materials, it can better shape the unique space charm. It can be used as a decorative background for vertical walls. The simple and fresh color combined with the natural texture of the original stone, which makes the light luxury style spat the fashion and elegance.

In recent years, the soft decorations made of marble materials have emerged endlessly, such as marble cutting boards, coasters, wall hangers, ashtrays, teapots, etc. can create a good choice for light luxury and fashion space.

Imitation stone wall tiles are not like natural stone with radioactive pollution, and flexible artificial coloring ratio avoids the color differences and cracks of natural stone materials. The texture stitching between stone bricks is more natural and coordinated, making it more flexible in the later use.

4, leather

For a long time, leather has been a symbol of luxury, noble, and wildness in people’s hearts. People have completely integrated their cognition and use of leather into daily life, and there is always a sense of awe. It is also inseparable from the fusion of the leather.


Leather fabrics are divided into two types: imitation leather and leather. When choosing imitation leather fabrics, it is best to choose matte and soft texture and relatively dense types. Deformation phenomenon.

It is worth noting that in the light luxury space, it is not recommended to choose too tedious leather texture and production styles, such as diamond -shaped pull -up process, cracking leather, etc., otherwise the effect will be counterproductive.


5, metal

The decorative material of the metal material itself is a relatively luxurious decoration, especially the vases on the table, the color of the color on the TV background wall, the metal lines on the top surface of the living room, the color treatment of the colors on the bedside background wall of the master bedroom, etc. The effect is relatively advanced.

6. Mirror surface

In the interior wall decoration, the decoration and use of mirror materials can not only highlight the personality, highlight the quality, but also reflect a decorative aesthetics with a sense of time. The flexible mirror material of different texture can create a unique and individual temperament.

7. Wooden noodles


The natural wood grain on the surface of the wooden surface is clear and natural, and the color is refreshing, adding a bit of natural atmosphere to the modern light luxury style space of fashion and modernity. Low shrinkage rate, good anti -impact, and environmental protection and convenient construction.


8. Wallboard


The application of the wall plate is very common. It is a must -have material for high -end wall decoration. Now it is gradually integrated into the interior space decoration of modern light luxury style. It is common, and there are new types of materials for integrated wall plates.

According to the background size and shape of the scene, the wall board can be divided into the color of the entire wall plate, wall skirt, hollow wall board, and wallplane board. Most brown can also be customized according to individual needs.


After seeing the 8 kinds of wall decoration materials shared by the designer, see which wall decoration material is more suitable for your new house decoration? You can leave a message in the comment area.

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