Old goods collection -recorder


This time is two tape recorders. Silver is a mountain lion recorder in 1980, which is complete. The radio has four frequency bands, which can be powered by 220V, or the sixth quarter 1 battery can be placed. It should be bought by my parents when I was young. At that time, there were three major wedding, bicycles, recorders, watches. Later it was a TV, a washing machine, a refrigerator. This machine has not been used normally for more than 40 years. Although the technology at that time was not as advanced as it is now, the workmanship is absolutely solid. In order to prevent the suspicion of advertising, the brand was covered with stickers, and the sticker was from the Romance of the Three Kingdoms of CCTV.


Another black late was produced by Zhongshan Lisu Electronics Factory. It belongs to the later product and is about the late 1990s. The appearance has improved significantly, but the quality is average. It’s broken now. It is also a four -frequency band radio, which can be output in the headset and horn. You can also enter the audio signal playback. There is no characteristic of the rest. The sound quality is not easy to say. At that time, only listening to pirated tapes, the sound quality was not good. However, the dual -card recording is quite convenient. It is a machine record, and the external sound will not interfere. When I was a kid, I borrowed the tape of my classmates, and immediately copied a plate and kept listening, so I didn’t need to buy it. It is now a collection, selling waste products according to the catty. It is estimated that it can sell five pieces and eight pieces, and keep it appreciated.