New Chinese -style full -solid wood sofa combination light luxury antique new classical Wujinmu winter and summer dual -use size apartment sofa


Hello everyone, I am Xiao Pu today to introduce a set of “Wujinmu” sofa

1+2+3+long coffee table+TV cabinet+angle*2


Good furniture must be made of good materials. Wujinmu’s main producing area of ​​West Africa-Gabon, Cameroon and other places grows at an altitude of 1,600 meters. The wood is hard, the material is low, and the artistic value is high.


The history of Wujinmu’s materials is generations and generations. It has always been favored by the elegant literati. The texture of Wujinmu’s artwork is also significant and elegant.

Scenario shows

Nature’s form, the meaning of building space, a room is bright and clear

Beauty lies in the encounter, lies in opportunities


The silent and elegant of the East Method combined with contemporary fashion

Winter duplex


Remove the cushion can be used directly, convenient and fast

Elegant three -person position

The three -person is strict, and it is more popular and sincere to treat guests.

“Relief” purple qi east to the “sofa relief’s beautiful meaning: rising sun east grows purple gas, water and heaven are rich and wealthy


Xiangyun hollow carving, visually light and light, reducing the overall thickness, Xiangyun’s meaning is beautiful and auspicious


The tenon -to -tenon craftsmanship, after multiple processes, just for excellence

The process is tedious and fine, and every step is full of persistence and temperature


The above is the introduction of this sofa. Some friends who like it are welcome to discuss the comment area together