Do you want to install the rain and rain? The old driver will help you analyze the advantages and disadvantages, and teach you how to install it yourself


The weather with a lot of rain, it is still possible to consider the rainshield. Not only can it be ventilated and breathable. For some partners with motion sickness or rhinitis, it is simply a life -saving artifact. How to install it? Today the video is made for you.

How to buy the right rain and rain gear

Buckle and hook type are more reliable


How to buy a rain and rain gear is more important than how to install it. Several suggestions to share with friends.

First of all, it is best to choose a buckle or hook type in the sunny shield. These two are more firmly installed, and it is not easy to drop at high speed.

The rainshield should buy better transparency

Then it is best to buy a relatively good rain and rain gear, because after the rain and rain gear is installed, it will indeed add a little blind area near the A -pillar.

When we installed today, we did an experiment, which made people stand near the blind area of ​​the A -pillar, showing a little bit.

After installing the sunny rain gear, people stood in the original marked place, and found that the feet just exposed were blocked by the newly installed rain and rain. Fortunately, the rainstorm was transparent, and a little outline could be seen.


Try to buy reliable brand clear rain gear

In the end, it is more expensive to buy big brands as much as possible.

Today’s demonstration is relatively cheap, only 50 yuan. There is a problem when installation, and the model cannot be fully fitted. Otherwise, you ca n’t face it in front, or you ca n’t face it in the back, and affect the beauty.

Install a clear rain gear

Each rainshield has a corresponding position

So after buying it, it is installed. The 4 clear rain gear, each with a corresponding door, is written on the outer packaging.


Clean up the door frame position

Then use a rag near the door frame to avoid dust, miscellaneous objects, and causing adhesion. If alcohol has alcohol, the alcohol can be wiped again to remove things such as gum above.

The door is tight and rainy to its door

After wiping it, wipe it with the gift aid, and then press the 3M glue on the rain and rain block again. If it is cold, it is also possible to bake it with a firer. More.


Tuck the 3M glue of the rainshield, put the hook in a good position, and then press the rain and rain, just close the door tightly.

Some friends say that 3M glue can tear open a little first, expose the tears, then stick it to the door, and then tear away a little, a little tight, so that there is room for adjustment, just like our mobile phone film.


This method is not suitable for the hook -type rain and rain, because if the 3M glue is not torn open at one time, it will be blocked by the hook, but it will be more troublesome to tear later.

The rain and rain are not beautiful, but it is more practical

After sticking it, it was found that the rain and rain gear really affected the beauty, and the one we bought could not fit well well, and it was even more uncomfortable.

However, the practicality of the rainshield is still good. The windows are opened a little, spraying water on it hard, and a drop will not float into the car. It is very useful to the motion sickness person. You can open the window and rainy days.


In addition, we tested the noise before and after installation, and found that the noise in the urban area was almost no different from before. If it was not running high -speed, there was no need to worry about noise.

Which method is the most effective way to remove glass oil film?

It was mainly used to buy a window and breath on a rainy day. In addition to the uncomfortable day of rainy days, it was water on the rearview mirror. Is it true?

What are the practical methods of rearview mirror hanging water? Others say that the potatoes can be wiped, and it is not reliable? Which method can be? Try it for you and make a video.

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