Siliqi plus “Bei” repair, press the hair care fast -forward key


In this era of high -speed operation, people’s rhythm of life is getting faster and faster, and double speed is the normal life. Two times fast fast -forward brushing dramas, fast mobile phone sliding screens, even One Hour’s lunch time is doubled … In today’s pursuit of efficient, we always want to draw more in the shortest time, as if a little slower, it will be a little slower. Miss the wonderfulness of the world. In the fast life, many girls lost the time of serious hair care, which caused the face value to be dragged on the hind leg by dry hair.


If you don’t want to be pulled down, then let the hair “return to spring” quickly. If you want to have an excellent hair quality, you must first know what to be healthy hair. The healthy hair is round and full as the skin. Improper washing, hot dyeing, ultraviolet irradiation, etc. will cause the hair scales on the surface of the hair to be damaged, and the hair damage to the hair will be exposed to the outside. As a result, the hair is dry and frosted and easy to break. At this time, the hair care weapons with strong repair capabilities are needed to repair the horny protein and fill the hair potholes to smooth the surface of the hair.

It is so easy to use the black technology of the hair care industry that makes you scream: Sili Qi Qi Lightning Folk, take you into the era of hair care that is not waiting, start from the “core”, and give you precise repair from the inside out , Perfectly repair the alien hair core, and you are full of full -round hair, and the application is like pressing the double -speed key of repairing the hair at an instant to double the nourishment. No need to wait, three times speed effect, inject energy to the hair core!

Sili Qi Lightning Master 95 yuan/180g


“Bei” rapid expansion

Siliqi lightning hair film contains hairdressing ingredients AMP and bilateral amino acids, so that the hair core is 嘭嘭, relaxed the epidermal layer, and effectively expands the CMC channel that can penetrate the hairdressing ingredients in the hair scales. The cells of the ingredients entered the hair smoothly and went deep into the interior, making the core round and full, and the hairdressing component was penetrated.


“Bei” speed penetration

It is rich in strong hairdressing ingredients with double damaged repair and moisturizing effects: pearl protein, glutamic acid, royal jelly, glycerin and camellia essential oil. The hair mask can directly reach the depth of the hair core when the hair is exposed to the hair.


“Bei” quickly seal

Dual amino acids seal the hairdressing ingredients, at the same time close the hair scales, and continuous hyaluronic acid locks the hair component inside the hair.


As a girl, if you want to have a smooth and elegant hair, you need tedious steps. And Sili Qi Lightning Hair Mask uses a new type of penetration technology, which can only achieve salon -level professional care at home, and also your round and healthy hair core! Wonderful waiting, Si Beiqi lets you refine the “Bei” since then!

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