The prospective bride was killed before the wedding, the police struggled with blood, and the murderer “washed” and fled for 22 years


“That girl was only 26 years old. If it wasn’t for the blood case in 1997, she would get married in a few months. In the end, she walked in a wedding dress …”

Twenty -two years ago, a case of robbery occurred in a residential building in Luban Road, Shanghai. Ms. Zhao was hurt by the gangsters with a knife and died unfortunately. At the time of the incident, the policeman, Yan Shen, who lived in the residential building, heard the victims rushing out of the house after calling for help, fighting with the gangsters and several knives. Eventually, with the help of the masses, the gangsters with swords were subdued on the spot. But the other two gangsters fled the scene, one of them was arrested in 1999, and the other was not knowing it.

Over the past 22 years, the Shanghai police pursued unremittingly. Recently, the Jiebao finally came: Song, who had escaped 22 years, was arrested and brought to justice in Heilongjiang Province. Today, the Shanghai police held a news interview meeting. Yan Shenwu also came to the scene and told the reporter about the dust.

During the fight, the top is soaked by blood

At 3 pm on March 24, 1997, three criminal suspects broke into Ms. Zhao’s home on the 6th floor of a residential residential house in Luban Road for robbery. Suddenly frightened Ms. Zhao tried to escape from the house and shouted for help, but at this time the gangster stabbed Ms. Zhao with a knife.


At that time, the police officer of the former Luwan Public Security Branch who was resting at home, Yan Shenwu, heard the call for help from the neighbors upstairs. Yan Shenwu immediately rushed out of the house to check the situation, but encountered a gangster who was escaping. The gangsters of the knife began to fight.


“He and I went into their own home from the corridor with him, and the two were fighting in a dozen square meters of rooms.” Yan Shenwu recalled that he was actually seriously injured by a knife, but he couldn’t care about the pain. He lived in this murderer, because his son was still in the bed not far from him. “At that time, he was particularly panicked and ignored the pain on his body. Time rushed into Yan Shenwu’s house and picked up the child to hide in his home.

“If you hurt your child at the time, I really dare not think …” Later, with the help of other neighbors, Yan Shenwu finally successfully subdued the gangster, but the other two suspects fled the scene while chaotic. “After tie people, I just sat on the ground with one butt. At this time, I felt numb and I couldn’t lift my hands.” Yan Shen opened his shirt and found that the shirt was soaked by blood. However, this sudden case, the life of the victim, Ms. Zhao was always set at 26 years old. Six months before the wedding, Yan Shenwu said, “She finally wore a wedding dress.”

“Washing” status restarts life

After the case, the police immediately set up a task force to conduct an investigation. According to the arrested criminal suspect, Gan Mou explained that another escape suspect surnamed Song, from Heilongjiang, but because they just knew it, they could not provide Song Mou’s more detailed information. The police immediately took the escape measures and investigated Song of the Heilongjiang police.

Unexpectedly, there was no news that the suspect Song had since evaporated on earth. Over the years, investigators have visited Heilongjiang countless times to visit the line, checking more than 5,000 copies of relevant personnel information. However, due to the technical conditions of the criminal investigation at the time, the case has never made breakthrough progress. For more than 20 years, the police have never given up the hunt of Song. As long as there is a trace of clues, the investigators will spare no effort to rush to Tiannan to investigate.

Hard work pays off. Thanks to the development of modern police technology, in early September of this year, the police finally found that Song, who had been absconded by the absconding data, changed his name to “Wang” and had returned to Heilongjiang to live.

On September 8, the investigators cooperated with the local police to capture Song in one fell swoop. After the case, Song confessed that he came to Shanghai to work alone and met Qianmou on the train. The two had a business discussion and decided to carry out robbery in Shanghai. After the incident, Song quickly fled Shanghai and fled in many places in Inner Mongolia. After that, Song used the status of others to change his name and changed his surname. He thought that he had “washed” and could “restart life.” When the police arrested it, Song realized that the day after waiting for 22 years was finally coming.


After 22 years, the wish finally became


At present, the main prisoner, Qian, has been performed in Zhuhai and has been executed. After being arrested in 1999, Yan was also sentenced to life imprisonment. After Song Mou was arrested, the current case is being tried.

Twenty -two years have passed, and the heroic policeman Yan Shenwu, who was bravely injured, became a “old face” with a pale hair and a nearly 30 years of “old face”. The post was transferred from the traffic police to the police station. Yan Shenwu was awarded the title of “National Public Security System Second Hero Model” by the Ministry of Public Security because of her heroic performance in the case, and also became a well -known hero at that time.

But whenever he talked about this case, Yan Shenwu always regretted saying, “There is still a gangster who has not arrived, and I still owe the victim Xiao Zhao to explain.” After learning that Song was captured, Yan Shenwu was in a long -term mood to calm down. “It’s so happy. This is the news that I have waited for 22 years. Thanks to my comrades, but my greatest wish.”

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