Human character cool slippers, comfortable light and beautiful feet


Beach cold slippers wearing human character drag

This shoe has a cute and playful beauty. It is very comfortable and elastic, so walking is also comfortable. The texture of the slope is naturally stylish.


Ren character slippers wearing sandals outside the beach


Summer beach human character drag, flat -heel rubber bottom, comfortable waterproof platform design, beautiful and delicate flowers and upper decoration on human characters are the biggest highlights.

Person slippers Putting on the beach sandlers outside

This shoe is very ladylike, and I also like it. You can see that there are some lifelike flowers on the upper, which are very fine and moving. It can set off your feet white and look really attractive!


Set toe oversized rhinestone flat sand slippers


Korean version of the new toe flat -bottomed sandal, high -quality PU patent leather jacket upper, oversized rhinestone decoration, comfortable foot pads, a strong fashionable and gorgeous Roman style


One word buckle shoe versatile Roman sandals

One word buckle comfortable toe sandals, frosted leather, front and rear stumbling bands, medium thick heel rhinestone chain buckle bands, dew toes are thin and sexy and luxurious.

Sandals Korean version of the heel sexy toe

The Korean version of the character Roman sandals, the puffy upper, the low -toe toe, the design of the thin band buckle highlights the slender ankle of women, the sexy and charming charm can not resist refusal

Black sandals dew -toe word buckle Roman shoes

The velvet buckle with sandals, the fluffy upper with good softness and comfort, the simple and convenient metal buckle, the comfortable and exquisite medium coarse bag, the classic and elegant intellectual style


Bow cools slippers female


The Korean version of the bow is thick -bottomed, PU cortex, thick -bottomed non -slip and loose cake heel, the upper is decorated with a shape of a bow, elegant and special temperament