What gift is good for Qixi Festival? 2019 Tanabata Gift Gift Daquan Recommend the Tanabata Gift Raiders Latest


Little fairy

The annual Qixi Festival is here again

When the men’s claws scratch their hearts, they also arrived

What gifts can you be “disgusted” by your girlfriend?

It ’s really good to receive these gifts. This kind of non -mainstream children’ s gifts actually exist in 9102. If you really give these gifts, you must not be far from the breakup, and the confession fails! So you have to watch this Qixi gift list! Intersection Intersection Men and women have to watch!

七夕送什么礼物好?2019七夕送礼物大全推荐 七夕礼物攻略最新

1. Romance

Generally girls like flowers. Of course, the Qixi Festival is definitely a rose! Or add some creativity and fold it into roses with 100 Money to form a bouquet of roses, which not only shows your sincerity. It depends on whether you have time to prepare! Of course, combine your situation!

七夕送什么礼物好?2019七夕送礼物大全推荐 七夕礼物攻略最新

Second, creative category

Speaking of Tanabata, she can make a bracelet or necklace with her name for her; it is more suitable for girls with extraordinary character, personality. You can also choose the golden foil roses, woody carving love letters, wood carved bamboo slips, which are more new.

Third, practical category

七夕送什么礼物好?2019七夕送礼物大全推荐 七夕礼物攻略最新

This bird has the Lord, and my cartoon funny lovers underwear, is it domineering and funny? The excellent gift of love for love on Valentine’s Day, it must be it. Oh.

七夕送什么礼物好?2019七夕送礼物大全推荐 七夕礼物攻略最新

Fourth, creative spoof Durex chocolate gift box

Can the true and false chocolate TA be distinguished? They are all the same shells, half of which are Ferrero chocolate, half of which are Durex, surprise to explosive spoof gifts, can also customize greeting cards, teasing couples, Valentine’s Day will be different. Essence

5. Creative crystal shoes

Now the weather is still hot, sending such a pair of crystal shoes, you can also wear it, haha! But I do n’t know if I can wear it! But I have to say that it is pretty!

七夕送什么礼物好?2019七夕送礼物大全推荐 七夕礼物攻略最新

6. Romantic Love Wall

Put your own wall into this and take her to see it. Anyway, I think it should be surprising!

七夕送什么礼物好?2019七夕送礼物大全推荐 七夕礼物攻略最新

Seven, spoof type

This was given to her, at home, and let her know that you gave her gifts on Valentine’s Day!

Eight, mature

Send a team of ring on Qixi Festival. Maybe you have turned your girlfriend into a wife through this festival. Of course, you have chosen other gifts if you have become a husband and wife!

Nine, Tanabata renovate the wedding room, why is there three thousand rivals?

七夕送什么礼物好?2019七夕送礼物大全推荐 七夕礼物攻略最新

Decorate your wedding room well, then you are afraid even if you have a rival?

Ten, life

七夕送什么礼物好?2019七夕送礼物大全推荐 七夕礼物攻略最新

The mature girl can send gifts such as cosmetics, perfumes, and silk scarves that highlight feminine temperament. They can also send underwear. Give such Tanabata gifts are intimate and sweet.

七夕送什么礼物好?2019七夕送礼物大全推荐 七夕礼物攻略最新

In fact, what is good for Qixi Festival to get? The key is to combine your own situation and choose gifts according to your own situation. The so -called ritual light affection! This is what I have prepared for everyone. I hope everyone likes it. Is there any good suggestion to give her beloved gift!