200,000 Gold Evaluation | Finally found it for sensitive pimple girls that can be repaired


With a word, the face was red, and the face flushed with two whole faces, and the pills of the spring were covered with itching. The cheekbones hurt in the autumn and winter.

Don’t say anything. Most of them are also a sensitive muscle compatriot. Your pain is beautiful!

What should I use for sensitive muscles?

Today we are on Dao!

A few months ago, Li Beauty used 100 chicken embryos to perform experiments, sieved 8 safety & mild skin care products. Recently, he has not been idle. 135 sensitive muscle volunteers went to the laboratory to do human experiments. Zhou, further found the true king of sensitive muscle repair, please say love me!

Knowing that you will definitely ask how Ke Run, Yuze, HABA or something, eat a reassinual pill, you have measured it,

The remaining 5 models have a certain effect on sensitive muscles, but the effect is not obvious in the figure above.

20万氪金评测 | 终于为敏感皮妹子找到能修护的它

Real Hammer

Sensitive skin care products are expected to spend 200,000 oceans this time! Every text in the article is coded by money. If you look at it, please read it carefully ~


20万氪金评测 | 终于为敏感皮妹子找到能修护的它

The 8 models are safe & mild, and the sensitive muscles are safe to use

The skin -sensitive girl never expects too much about skin care products, but the face is not allergic to high fragrance, so whether the sensitive skin care products are really safe & gentle, Li Beauty has already arranged it. The 8 mentioned in this article. No problem


Really get rid of sensitivity: Venona Soferal Water

The ingredients are just an appetizer. Dry to dry goods: Is there any skin care products to help improve skin sensitivity and even return to normal? Li Beauty commissioned the laboratory for the first time to do a high -end experiment -lactic acid experiment.

What is lactic acid experiment?

Lactic acid experiments are a skin tolerance experiment. In the nasal lip ditch of sensitive muscle volunteers and the local cheeks to stimulate the 10%concentration lactic acid solution, conduct a 4 -point evaluation of the tingling level of the subject at 2.5min and 5min, and then the two scores will be used. In addition, the total score is greater than 3 points is sensitive skin.

0 points: no tingling

1 point: mild tingling

2 points: moderate tingling

3 points: severe tingling

20万氪金评测 | 终于为敏感皮妹子找到能修护的它

Note: Experiments can cause skin tingling sensation, but there are no adverse consequences.

20万氪金评测 | 终于为敏感皮妹子找到能修护的它

True understanding the experimental principle depending on the results

On the basis of improving sensitivity to a certain extent, we must focus on praising Venona’s extremely moisturizing and soft skin water: the only one who can restore sensitive muscles into normal skin.

20万氪金评测 | 终于为敏感皮妹子找到能修护的它

To tell the truth, Li Beauty, as a senior sad and sensitive muscle, saw Venona’s softening data data, and felt that he found the treasure! The thought of being expected to get rid of the sensitivity, the sense of surprise is far better than being confession and salary increase! Crying Liao ~

By the way, a sentence is recommended to all skin texture at the beginning of the article. The skin softening water is recommended. Although the product bottle body is recommended to write medium -dry skin, but in view of what it can be found and has the maximum practical effect on sensitive muscles, it has the greatest practical effect on sensitive muscles. For the single product, Li Beauty found a few colleagues in a mixed oil colleagues for trial,

20万氪金评测 | 终于为敏感皮妹子找到能修护的它

Not greasy

20万氪金评测 | 终于为敏感皮妹子找到能修护的它

The texture is also clear in the soft skin water, just like other soft skin water,

As soon as the face was slightly sticky, it was refreshing after absorption

20万氪金评测 | 终于为敏感皮妹子找到能修护的它

If you really want to reduce the degree of sensitivity and not exclude soft skin, try it.

20万氪金评测 | 终于为敏感皮妹子找到能修护的它


These 4 models can effectively alleviate redness and peeling

How bad is the sensitive muscle? Usually at most, it is at most, but when you step on the thunder, you will become red, peel and itching. The symptoms are instantly collapsed.

20万氪金评测 | 终于为敏感皮妹子找到能修护的它

Recalling the psychological collapse of the past, Li Meimei simultaneously recorded the eight skin care products to alleviate these symptoms during the experiment cycle.

| Winona’s skin water, Vinonate cream can relieve redness

20万氪金评测 | 终于为敏感皮妹子找到能修护的它

Slip to view all the pictures

▲ Experimental instrument: Visia Cr

| Weinononat Cream, Lichuanquan Shucai, Crownic Wintering Milk can alleviate the peeling

Give away knowledge points

20万氪金评测 | 终于为敏感皮妹子找到能修护的它

: Careful girls may find that the milk/frost that can alleviate the peeling, without lotion, the reason is very simple. From the perspective of the formula system, it is relatively litter in the milk/frost. The moisturizing power is easier to help you press it up ~

20万氪金评测 | 终于为敏感皮妹子找到能修护的它

| 8 models can not stop itching

According to the feedback from 135 sensitive muscle volunteers, in general, eight models cannot effectively relieve itching.

Knock on the blackboard

Li Beauty has to say: If you have a long period of redness and itching, or for a short -term swelling and itching for various reasons

After three or five days, there was no significant sign of recovery. It is recommended to seek medical treatment directly.

20万氪金评测 | 终于为敏感皮妹子找到能修护的它

Including those girls with very sensitive skin,

Usually do not toss and still have poor skin condition, when the wind blows the grass, it will be sensitive.

20万氪金评测 | 终于为敏感皮妹子找到能修护的它

It is not recommended to count on skin care products, or

Find the right medicine for the dermatologist early ~

20万氪金评测 | 终于为敏感皮妹子找到能修护的它


Can satisfy the most basic hydration and moisturizing

20万氪金评测 | 终于为敏感皮妹子找到能修护的它

For “normal skin”, hydrating and moisturizing is a common demand, but it is particularly important for sensitive muscles. After all, the sensitive muscles of sad reminder generally cause water dehydration due to thin stratum corneum.

Don’t say anything, test the skin moisture content of the subjects according to QB/T 4256-2011 “Cosmetics Moisturizing Evaluation Guide”

20万氪金评测 | 终于为敏感皮妹子找到能修护的它

According to statistical data analysis, after 6 weeks, the eight products have significant differences in the water content of the control group.

Can’t remember the amount of information?

Li Beauty finally summarized it again

Guess you may ask

Q: Can you use these skin care products?

A: Can be used. Damaged skin barrier can help conditioning. If they are not damaged, they are just hydrating and moisturizing. There is no normal skin that cannot be used in the skin. It’s as if you often use children’s supplies as an adult, and you will not turn you into children ~

20万氪金评测 | 终于为敏感皮妹子找到能修护的它

Q: Will these repair products not be good for the skin for a long time?

A: No. There are no components that cannot be used for a long time like “medicine”. As the previous problem, when the skin barrier does not need to be repaired, they are just an ordinary hydrating and moisturizing water/cream/frost.

20万氪金评测 | 终于为敏感皮妹子找到能修护的它

It may be that the evaluation has been done for a long time. Li Beauty is particularly broken now. I want to say it with my girls and mother -in -law again: No matter what the skin is like, don’t toss too hard.

If you are in a sensitive period, you need to streamline your skin care steps to reduce skin burden.

Everything you use on your face must be cautious,

20万氪金评测 | 终于为敏感皮妹子找到能修护的它

Skin care avoids the trend, needs more, and blindly chasing the brand, suitable for yourself and satisfying the main needs is enough.

, I wish you all eighteen forever, see the next time ~

20万氪金评测 | 终于为敏感皮妹子找到能修护的它


testing facility:

Comprehensive Inspection Center of China Institute of Inspection and Quarantine Science

20万氪金评测 | 终于为敏感皮妹子找到能修护的它

Inspection agency: Beijing Xin’ao Ring Cabin Technology Service Co., Ltd.

Testing agency: and that mysterious efficacy test authority authority

report number:


Testing agency: Caiqctc320181361002-1

Testing agency: Caiqctc320181361004-1

Testing agency: Caiqctc320181361005-1

Testing agency: Caiqctc320181361006-1

20万氪金评测 | 终于为敏感皮妹子找到能修护的它

Testing agency: Caiqctc320181361007-1

Testing agency: Caiqctc320181361008-1

Testing agency: Caiqctc320181361001 ~ 8

Testing agency: AST1806190002

Testing agency: AST1806080002

Testing agency: JW-JB-20181101-05-01-01 ~ 08

Purchasing channel:

All purchases from the official flagship store of Tmall

It’s not cheap, but you don’t meet me (wow a bit mad). The ingredient cats can’t distinguish the naked eyes, and the massive products cannot be tried. The effectiveness of the precision instruments is more.

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▲ Experimental instrument: Visia Cr