Large -size waist dresses, more than a little thinner, fat MM is a goddess ~


Every fat MM has a heart that wants to wear a dress, but the good -looking dress is not as good as us. I don’t care about me today I recommend a few beautiful and thin beautiful dresses.

In summer, walking on the street and seeing a variety of girls wearing colorful dresses, let us imagine what it would look like when we put on it. Indeed, we all have no resistance to beautiful dresses. Of course, fat MM is of course so. Essence


This skirt is off -shoulder, wearing a sexy and charming taste. The classic plaid stitching makes the skirt look so monotonous and full of vitality.

Clean and pure white lace skirt, let you be a little fairy. Don’t think that white is fat, in fact, the design of the neckline and waist has a thin effect. Its highlights are V -neck and tassel decoration on the back, both sexy and fairy.


The large size dress made of cotton and linen, the upper body and the skin are breathable, and there is no irritation to the skin. The treatment of fashionable waists, wearing a good figure, shaping a charming figure. Especially the wide hem treatment, modify the leg shape, and show thin legs.


The off -the -shoulder is not necessarily fat. This dress only exposes one of the four -thirds of the arms in the sleeve part. It will not be fat at all, and it can also cover the excess flesh on the arm. The loose version can contain a variety of figures and will not feel tight.