Autumn and winter fashion pencil pants, return your thin legs


The most troublesome girl is how to dress and match, so that they can have the effect of petite figure! Nowadays, pencil pants are already the darling of the fashion industry. Almost every girl wardrobe has one or more pencil pants. Its skinny leg skills must not be underestimated. Today, I recommend a few fashion to you. Variable pencil pants.

The cotton and linen nine -point pants are very comfortable and breathable in addition to wearing. It can also modify the leg shape very well. Pull the proportion of legs. It played a very good and thin effect visually


Straight pants are a must -have for the tall MM. Straight pants with medium and high waist, pull the waistline, stand on long legs! And this kind of pants are not picky on the matching of shoes. Whether it is a thick -bottomed loose cake shoes or a flat -bottomed Lefu shoes, it can wear a very fashionable feeling!


Black rocked jeans, except for good and thin meat. It also has a little uninhibited little play. Women put on it, which is thin and beautiful. It also has both fashion trend!

In this season, leather pants are a warm existence, when the windshield is good. When shaping the image, you can match a different style, or wild or lazy!


These two years of sports style are becoming more and more sought after by tide people and stars. Thinking about it, it must be attributed to the comfort and vitality of sports pants. Black sports pants are also very good at the same time when wearing it!


In which era is a model of trend. Whether it is a shirt, T -shirt or chiffon shirt. Can interpret different fashion style! Let us see the diversification of fashion matching.