“Secret weapon” of the high-speed rail


Use 4G intelligent camera inspection system to check the EMP

(New Year’s Grassroots) High-speed rail power person’s “secret weapon”

Zhongxin Net Guangzhou February 21st Subscription: “Secret Weapons” of the high-speed rail power person

WANG Xi Yu Wei


On the battlefield, the soldiers use a variety of weapons to kill the country. In the “battlefield” of the railway Spring Festival, workers use a wide range of “weapons” to ensure the safety of train. “This ‘weapon’ non-hear, the fact is the special tools and instruments of railway workers to maintain maintenance equipment, without these ‘weapons’, and the workers who have the ability are only empty.” From China Railway Guangzhou Bureau Group Corporation Changsha Electric Situation High-speed Railway Signal Koh Keli smiled, high-speed rail can operate at all, these “secret weapons” can not.

Use moved frequency online tester test rail circuit equipment Zhang Wei photo

4G intelligent camera inspection system


“In my toolkit, the common ‘weapon’ is nearly 20 pieces, using the highest frequency of 4G smart camera inspection system.” After the Changsha Electric Site high-speed rail car workshop “90” Youth Party employee Liao Xuefeng said, Although the name of this “weapon” is called “system”, it is a special inspection tool that is similar to flashlight.

At 15:00 on February 19, in the use of Changsha EMUs in Changsha South Railway Station, Liao Xuefeng held a 4G intelligent camera inspection system, and patrol a row of vehicle port of EMUs in the library.

It is understood that the 4G intelligent camera inspection system has multiple functions such as lighting, photographing, camera and job content, mainly for the EMU receiving antenna, the rail circuit receives the sensing coil, the speed sensor on the wheel, and speed measurement Radar inspection operation.

“This ‘weapon’ can record the entire job process in real time, and upload the job picture and video to the storage server of the work area through the network transmission. The monitoring and analysis staff check and review the job process, preventing the job leak item, The situation of misking, leak, thereby ensuring safe operation of the EMU. “Keyu, deputy director of the high-speed rail vehicle workshop.

Spring Festival “Weapon” Movement Online Tester

“In my toolkit, the common ‘weapon’ has more than 30 intelligent levels, the highest intelligent level of movement is transigned online tester.” Yue Qin Song introduction, this “weapon” is like a “blood pressure instrument” of high-speed rail signal equipment, which can monitor the health status of monitoring signal equipment in real time.

At 2:45 on February 19, the departure machine was proceeded in Shanghai, the Shanghai Railway Station, Shanghai Kunming Station, Yue Qin lonely handheld online tester, testing a rail circuit device.

It is understood that the frequency conversion online tester consists of four parts of the keyboard, the display, the table pen and the test pliers, mainly for the test of multi-type rail circuits for high-speed rail, such as the current, voltage, compensation capacitance of the rail circuit equipment, etc. It also intelligently identifies the carrier frequency of the movement track circuit.

“The value of the current, voltage and compensation capacitance of the signal device is the important basis for our judgment of the health status of the equipment. Through these values, we can investigate hidden dangers to ensure the quality of the equipment, thereby ensuring the safe operation of the high-speed train.” Director Chen Han Qing said.

Spring Festival “weapon” spectrum analyzer and eight wooden antenna

“In my toolkit, there are 15 common ‘weapons’, the best CP ‘weapon’ is a spectrum analyzer and eight wood antennas.” Changsha Electric Section Communication Comprehensive Workshop Communications “90” Youth Party Member Han Liang Introduction, CP “weapons”, as the name implies are used in conjunction with it, it is not possible.

At 10 o’clock on February 19th, in the Beijing-Guangzhou high-speed rail Zhuzhou West-Hengshan West Section 06, Han Liang’s hands and used, one handheld antenna, one hand on the spectrum analyzer, under the cooperation of the workers, the base station The network magnetic field in the surrounding area is detected and investigated.

It is understood that the spectrum analyzer and eight wooden antennas are mainly used to check the source of magnetic field network interference around the railway, and the railway workers determine whether the railway GSM-R private network exists in external network interference and Interference source.

“Once the peripheral frequency is too high, blocking the GSM-R band signal will affect the use of the EMU wireless communication device to use quality and severely, the movement of the motorcycle set will be raised.” The Director of the Dragonfly Director Huang Tuni said. (Finish)

Source: China News Net

Use 4G intelligent camera inspection system to check the EMP