How to choose the selection of gas water heaters to choose from “detailed explanation”


When we buy furniture, we know the size of the amount in advance. When we buy the refrigerator, we will also refer to the volume. The same reason is that when choosing a gas water heater, we must also think about our needs. Some people don’t understand, isn’t the gas water heater not stored in water? How many liters should I choose to buy? In fact, the number of gas water heaters does not refer to the amount of water, but the flow of hot water. Then you are right

How much does the gas water heater choose?

Intersection I believe most people still have no concept, so I will tell you about it.

1. What is the increase of gas water heaters

The same brand, or the same price, as a result, the heating of the gas water heater of other people’s home is faster than themselves. This is the consequences of buying gas water heaters without looking at the lifting. I thought I didn’t need much water, so I bought a small ascension. I only knew that the original ascension was not that ascension. What is the number of gas water heaters? This liter does not refer to the amount of water storage, or the hot water flow of the gas water heater per minute. In other words, the amount of hot water can be produced per minute. Taking 16 liters of gas water heaters as an example, the heat water generated by 2 minutes and a half, which is about 40 liters of heat -storage electric water heater heating for 40 minutes.

The greater the increase in the number of gas water heaters, the higher the efficiency of hot water, the more the needs of home thermal water use.

2. Factors affecting the selection of gas water heaters

1. Number of users

The more the family population, the greater the probability of using hot water, and the higher the requirements for the increase in gas water heaters.

2. Number of bathrooms

The number of bathrooms, the needs of the kitchen, and a shower or bathtub in the bathroom. The more frequent things these hot water use, the choice of the increase in the number of gas water heaters will increase. If you like to bath in a bathtub, you must also choose at least 13-16L gas water heaters. If you use shower, you can reduce it appropriately. Xiaobian’s home is a three -bedroom and two guards. Without a bathtub, the number of families is large, and 16L chose. Basically there is no case where hot water is not enough. You can refer to the following figure for selection.

3. Use water distance

During the transportation process, the heat will be lost, so if you know how much you know how to choose the gas water heater, you must calculate this part. The master bedroom of Xiaobian’s house is the farthest from the water heater, and the hot water will be slower than other rooms, and the water flow will also affect the flow. Therefore, it is recommended that the gas water heater increase is properly trimmed according to the location of the home with hot water.

The above is how much the gas water heater of the gas water heater I shared for you, I hope it will be helpful to you.