Sales fabrics have their own sales one after another


Recently, the transaction of the traditional market of the Chinese Textile City in autumn and winter isasted in autumn and winter. The listing styles of fabrics have increased, the amount of spot listing has increased, and the transactions are both in large and small. The overall market sales have shown a fluctuating trend compared with the previous stage.

The localized transactions of polyester -colored fabrics, which are mainly woven, are more concentrated, but the transactions of some varieties are relatively decentralized, and the market transaction volume is pushed up from the previous fluctuation. Recently, color weaving fabric transactions have both thick and thin, and color weaving dual -use shirt fabrics, color weaving fabrics, color weaving fabrics, thin clothing dual -use color weaving fabrics, in batches Dual -use shirt fabrics, color woven strips and color weaving grids, many fabrics have been sold one after another, and occasionally with multiple varieties with transactions. The transaction volume of color woven chromators is small, and some large -scale orders are undertaken in some large -scale business stores. Recently, the transaction volume of color weaving fabrics is slightly insufficient, but the thickness of the fabrics of the color weaving clothing has both transactions, and the transaction volume is pushed up day by day.

In the autumn and winter, the independent production enterprises of the new thick polyester color weaving in the middle of the thickness have increased their independent production enterprises, and the market has launched a slight increase in the mid -thick finished color weaving and casual fabric. Small -weaving small leisure fabrics have their own sales one after another, with a variety of fabrics with small batches of transactions. Best selling. The color weaving flower positioning and leisure fabrics are mainly small and medium -sized transactions, and occasionally batch multiple batches of orders. The whole color of the color of the color of the color of the men’s and women’s casual shirt fabric is mainly based on small batches of alternation.

Clothing polyester color weaving and casual fabric, pure cotton fabric, T/C polyester cotton color weaving fabric, CVC color weaving fabric autumn and winter new medium thick polyester color woven cloth independent output slightly increased, charter bag volume operation household spot The number of listings has increased, and the traditional market has launched a medium -thick finished color weaving fabric to show a slight growth trend. Because some market operators are more optimistic about the varieties and market markets in the winter thick fabrics, the overall market thickened woven leisure fabric has increased, and the transaction shocks are pushing.