Which pain is small? Comparison of six blood glucose meters, the difference between domestic and imported?


Hello everyone, I am a product analyst today. The products we analyze today are six blood glucose meters: Yicheng JPS-6 blood glucose meter, Sannuo Ana stabilized blood glucose instrument, Bayerkang blood glucose meter, Roche outstanding golden sugar blood sugar Instrument, Johnson & Johnson stabilizer double -easy blood glucose meter, Abbott instantaneous detector. The sales price increased from left to right.


The core function of the blood glucose meter is to test the glucose concentration in the blood. The working principle is to use the glucose oxidase method to make the blood and glucose oxidase test strips generate a chemical reaction, and then read the blood glucose value through different reaction results (color). In general, the main function of the blood glucose meter is actually reading the blood glucose value, and the function of the blood glucose results is actually completed by the blood glucose test strip.

Blood glucose meter we don’t have to worry about which brand’s blood glucose meter is more accurate. According to national regulations, the general accuracy judgment criterion is not more than 20%of the error, and the data of the blood glucose meter in diabetes is only used as a reference for medication to determine the control of blood sugar to control the control of blood sugar The situation is not 5.5 blood glucose control better than 6.5 blood sugar control, nor can it be said that the blood sugar control of 19 is not better than the blood sugar control of 16, so as long as we are the blood glucose meter purchased by regular channels, the products meet the relevant national standards is allowed.

I suggest three points here:


First, the function, choose the blood glucose meter suitable for your own disease. If it is a diabetic syndrome, especially the multiple organs, there are many indicators to detect the test.

Second, the price, if it is just the usual home blood glucose monitoring, can buy domestic products with higher cost -effectiveness, and the test strip is consumable, and the price of the test strip highlights the cost -effectiveness of domestic products.

Third, the pain of pain, the relatively small amount of blood collection is smaller, and you can buy it yourself if you have this need.




1. The price of Yicheng 6 and Sannuo’s stability is not much different. Both are domestic products. Both online e -commerce and offline pharmacies can be bought. Compared with the market, there are more circulation in the market, but As for the brand market share, Sannuo will have more advantages, and there are more other types of blood glucose instruments in Sannuo. I will recommend the free code -free Sannuo.

2. Byanan, Roche’s excellence, and Johnson & Johnson’s stability are all imported products. Compared with domestic products, the price is higher, but the amount of blood is relatively small. Generally, it will not rise. The test time should be faster.

3. Abbott instantaneous price is higher than the previous five models, especially sensors. It is a scanning room blood glucose monitoring system. Real -time blood glucose monitoring is performed by sensors placed on the outside of the arm, and blood sugar can be collected continuously for 14 consecutive days.

Suitable for crowd positioning:

1. Yicheng type 6 and Sanno -free code -free blood glucose meters are suitable for people with mild diabetic patients and better blood glucose control. They do not need to measure blood glucose every day, but they must be tested regularly to monitor their blood sugar in order to better be better. Control diet and drug treatment.

2. Bayerkang, Roche, and Johmm -born blood glucose meter, suitable for people who detect blood sugar every day. After all, the blood volume is less painful, so that patients can monitor blood sugar daily to achieve better treatment results. It is more expensive than domestic products. You can consider the selection of economic conditions.

3. Abbott instance is suitable for people with severe diabetes. In order to detect blood sugar several times a day, blood sugar brings a lot of pain and inconvenience to patients. In order to allow patients to better inspect and understand blood sugar, you can use this product. No need to take blood needles, scan sugar anytime, anywhere.