Japanese drummer HAL evaluated the Roland electric drum VAD706


Drummer Hal Hal:

日本鼓手 HAL 测评罗兰电鼓 VAD706

Japanese professional drummer Roland cooperative artist

日本鼓手 HAL 测评罗兰电鼓 VAD706

Japanese metal nuclear band Make My Day drummer

Japanese Rock Band CVLTE Coopeher Drummer

Station B Popular UP Lord

Born on March 4, 1999 in Gunma Prefecture, Japan. Affected by X JAPAN drummer Yoshiki, he started learning drums since he was a child.

In 2018, he joined the Japanese metal nuclear band Make My Day to start his career of his career.

In 2018 and 2019, he came to China twice to tour in China. His solid basic skills and sunshine have gained many fans.

Formally settled in station B in 2020, quickly circled powder with super high efficiency and high -quality content.

Since the listing of VAD706, many friends have not yet touched VAD706 drums! This issue-Halu HAL evaluation VAD706:

VAD706 flagship V-DRUMS acoustic design electric drum, equipped with a new generation of TD-50X sound sources, uses prism multi-dimensional sound simulation and pure acoustic atmosphere technology, equipped with advanced digital army drums, Ding Ding 镲, and the latest digital steps. The four luxury high -gloss paint surfaces are available. Whether it is live performance or video recording, VAD706’s amazing sound and eye -catching appearance make people’s eyes shine.

Detailed feature

日本鼓手 HAL 测评罗兰电鼓 VAD706

The five-drum V-DRUMS Acoustic Design package is equipped with a full-size wooden drum cavity and dual-share chrome bracket;

日本鼓手 HAL 测评罗兰电鼓 VAD706

The flagship TD-50X sound source uses a new generation of prism multi-dimensional sound simulation and pure sound atmosphere technology;

More than 900 sound colors, including many new drums, military drums, stepping, drums, and puppets for choice;

Four luxury high -gloss paint surfaces: log yellow, cherry red, ebony black and pearl white;

The 14-inch PD-140DS Digital Drum, 18-inch CY-18DR Ding Ding Ding and the newly developed 14-inch VH-14D digital steps are equipped with high-resolution clarity and multi-sensor trigger to show the flagship V-DRUMS performance;

10-inch PDA100 and 12-inch PDA120 drums, 14-inch PDA140F landing drums, and new 22-inch KD-222 drums;

Two 16-inch CY-16C-T suspension is reduced by 40 % compared with the previous generation of slices, which has superior elasticity and swinging;

The operation interface with a dedicated button and the push is in order to choose, customize and mixed drums;

Guide your own WAV sampling through the SD card;

Step Sound XLR main output and 8 TRS direct output provide a balanced connection to the PA mixer;

Integrated 32 channel USB audio/MIDI interface can be used for professional computer music production;

Four spare simulation trigger input interfaces are convenient for drum expansion;

The hybrid audio input interface allows you to accompany the audio drum music on the smartphone or laptop;

Built -in practice function can improve drumming skills.