Song Jia is too good to wear, and a denim jacket with floral scarf, not only not soil, but full of high -level sense


Fashionable dressing, beautiful dress, always make people popular. In daily wear, we all hope that we are the most individual. Everyone is unique, and everyone’s taste has their own uniqueness. Sometimes they follow their own style, but they can wear more delicate and high -level models.

In the wearing of female stars, there are always some mockery matching, and those unimpeded combinations will be more advanced to match.

In the late autumn seasons, the temperature has become increasingly decreased, and the wind and warmth have been ranked first in the wear. It is even more important to have the style and temperature. A windproof jacket has long been an indispensable match. The denim jacket, thick windproof, is more fashionable and neat in the late autumn season. In order to facilitate matching, when choosing a denim jacket, it is recommended that you choose some loose version.

Although the loose denim jacket is not so slim, it cannot show a good figure, but it is easier to match. After all, the autumn and winter season will still be very thick. If you choose an extra -slim denim jacket, it will inevitably produce a sense of restraint when it is matched.

Song Jia’s group of wearing styles chose a dark blue loose jacket. The casual style was more casual and chic, and there was a particularly generous beauty.


Although loose denim jackets are more versatile, few people will try the matching of denim jackets and floral scarves. The floral scarf always gives people an inexplicable sense of rustic sense. If it is not good, there will be a sense of rustic sense of village aunt. So when you match the floral scarf, you are always careful, and Song Jia’s group of dressing looks particularly casual.


The floral scarf is naturally around the neck to make a fluffy feeling. It looks not only more warm, but also modify the neck lines and longer, with a rare advanced model.


The loose dark blue denim jacket is particularly attentive in matching, and even the design style of the clothing is surprising. Generally, the denim jacket we see is mostly a solid color stitching, and only the tailoring shape outlines different styles.


Song Jia’s denim jacket uses the stitching with military green to create a more advanced fashion style. In the arms and behind design, the military green color is stitched, making this denim jacket more fashionable.

Not only the denim jacket uses the color matching embellishment, even the choice of skirts also echo the design of color matching. The exquisite fishtail skirt also chose a military green color.

This fishtail skirt does not look so sexy, but it is thicker. Although it is also a conventional fishtail dress, it has made improvements in fabrics and styles.

Army green color has a rare domineering model. The low -cut skirt is not so stylish, but it also shows a high -level model. Such a fishtail skirt is really fashionable.

Song Jia not only daily wearing fashionable personality, but also when attending some offline activities, her dressing style is also remarkable. The white shirt is simple and sharp. Although it is a classic version, it is paired with color -matching jeans to wear a more fashionable and high -end atmosphere. The combination of blue and white is always classic and generous, and white shirts and jeans are also indispensable combinations. In the autumn and winter season, such a combination of a trench coat or woolen coat is particularly domineering.

The classic big red, it is not so easy to wear a high -end model. The big red is particularly beautiful, and it is more suitable for some fair skin.


Like this slightly loose woolen coat, with exquisite stand -up collar shape, it is more stunning and generous. The natural waist style at the waist, perfectly modify the waist, with a pair of red pointed boots, is more elegant and elegant. This combination is really favorite.

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Song Jia is too good to wear, and a denim jacket with floral scarf, not only not soil, but full of high -level sense