Pursuing speed Reebok sharpfly releases new inflatable running shoes


Extremely fit, light lightly running

Each runner who is constantly pursuing speed should get a more fitted package experience.This time, Reebok released a new inflatable running shoe Reebok Pump Plus to fully achieve the mission of Pump airbag technology with a higher performance design and material.

In order to provide runners with a better running experience, Reebok Pump Plus has brought a lot of improvement:

The PUMP inflatable airbags that can be provided with customized packages use a new design structure, and it is integrated with the inner lines of the shoe, which is closer to the feet.

After the re -created FITSION FIT SLEEVE, it has high ductility, bring dynamic support, and further enhances the sense of wrapping.

追求速度 Reebok锐步发布全新充气跑鞋

The midsole of the carbon foam has greatly reduced the weight of the shoes and brought a softer and responsive experience to the runner.

Item number: BD5759 Suggested retail price: 799 yuan (above)

追求速度 Reebok锐步发布全新充气跑鞋

Item number: BD4870 Sugged retail price: 799 yuan (below)

Reebok Pump Plus was launched on the official website of Ruibu on March, the Ruobu Tmall flagship store, the Ruizhou Jingdong flagship store and the major brand image stores of Ruizu.