I still want to wear a dress when the weather is cold! Long -sleeved dress is time to go online


Source: Ruili Clothing Beauty (Author: Su Qi)


Meimei’s dress has always been the best product that can show the temperament of girls. Although the weather is starting to cool down, it can’t restrain this beautiful heart! How can I put on my heart in autumn? Long -sleeved dress makes this autumn warm and beautiful, let’s take a look!

A few days ago, Li Zhien appeared with a goose yellow long -sleeved dress at the fans at the fans of the tenth anniversary of her debut. It is a pink belt, and Li Zhien’s own girl’s face … No, please marry me!

Gao Yuanyuan wore a wave dot dress, relaxed and leisurely. Perfectly showed what it means to make a small Japanese -style fresh, and easily put out a sense of girly.


Li Bible wore a beige long -sleeved dress of Johnny Hates Jazz in the wedding of his friend Rocoberry, showing sweetness and tenderness.


“National Husband” Guo Biting during the vacation of the desert in Qinghai Bay, a long -sleeved dress with two twist braids, wearing a feeling of vacation on the beach. This should be the most beautiful scenery of the desert.


The sad and small autumn seemed to slowly fades away from all the colors and gradually became dim. In such autumn, wear a bright beautiful skirt, transform into the color palette in autumn, follow the 2018 popular colors to control the trend of autumn, and give the light autumn last color, and paint a colorful autumn!



Item 01

Poppy red

At the autumn and winter 2018, Simonerocha’s poppy red was stunning a vote! A touch of red in autumn attracts the sight, which will definitely make you focus in the crowd. Poppy red dress is like poppy, charming and seductive, chiffon -colored poppy red dress is elegant and domineering! The first choice for autumn!

Item 02


Tomato red


In Pantone’s 2018 Fashion Week Pop Color Report, Tomato Red is listed! The tomato red series of Antinio Marras also boarded the fashion week, bringing a trend of tomato red. The color of tomato red is actually slightly orange and orange, which makes people feel enthusiastic and bright. It is a vibrant color. The design of a tomato red dress is full of design, and the loose and soft fabric can better show the charm.

Item 03


Cao Nibrite Yellow


TOD ’s on the autumn and winter 2018 fashion week show

A few sets of LOOKs dominated by grass larch yellow.


Grass larch yellow is one of the popular colors of this year,

Just like a glass of milk in ordinary yellow,

Put on the grass lark yellow dress

It is also gentle because of this “milk”.


Item 04

Past Taoyuan Green

Valentino has always given people a sense of immortality. 2018 Fashion Week, Valentino also continues its consistent fairy style, wearing the world’s peach source green out of the world! A fresh green makes autumn seem to have a new vitality. The world’s green dress has a little modern dress, but it has the freshness of Xanadu, and the smoothness of the silk is more leisurely. Go on vacation in autumn and wear a paradise green to death outside Taoyuan!


Item 05


Purple light


The autumn and winter released this year is very popular. Purple electric light is one of them. The purple light series of Akris in Fashion Week performed perfectly. How can the purple light light as one of the popular colors miss this early autumn? Quiet and elegant, agile, and a kind of intoxicating charm, with such a purple light -colored dress,

The charm index is soaring when dating in autumn!


To say that the most warm dress in autumn, how can we not mention knitted dresses? But the correct way to wear is also important! These points, you are still beautiful in autumn and no longer “frozen people.”




Small thunder area,


Super long skirts are short, don’t wear it like this


For girls who are not high, the accumulation levels are bloated and heavy. Choosing such a dress is undoubtedly worse. Try to avoid this minefield.



Wear long legs,

Choose a slit skirt, right

The slit dress shows a part of the skin, showing long legs looming, mysterious and sexy. When walking around, the skirt flies and looks long and thin.



The savior of a long -faced girl,

Do n’t boast of me in a word


It is always old? Girls with long faces can be said to be distressed! However, these problems can be easily solved. The horizontal neckline and long face neutralize each other, so that the extension of the face stops, and naturally it will not look long! And the word collar can expose the shoulders, making the shape more sexy.


Qiu refuse to be a little fat man,

Avoid loose knitted skirt

To be a thin beauty in autumn with a knitted dress, it is important to choose the right skirt. A loose and vertical dress lacks layers and three -dimensional feel, so it is easy to show fat. To be a thin beauty, take off your loose knitted dress.



The short skirt is high is the truth

The short skirt is high, and the long skirt looks short. Presumably many girls have heard of it. Indeed, the skirt showed more legs and it would look tall. Generally, people with long legs are tall, so the girls who want to be tall are high. Choosing such a knitted dress in autumn is enough!




Can a small dress look high?

In fact, it is incorrect to wear a long skirt. Putting the long skirt is not only higher than the skirt, but also the temperament will rise at a level. Although it is autumn, long -sleeved knitted dresses are also very warm. As long as you do not wrap yourself tightly and expose your ankles, you will not look dull and bulky, have a sense of breathable, and you will not be covered by long skirts. You can also wear long skirts!


Pure colors of dresses wear out to meet twin sisters in minutes? It’s too easy to hit the shirt, and it becomes a very embarrassing thing when going out. These interesting designs immediately stood out, full of fashion!

Style 01

+Ordinary stitching

The splicing of fishing nets and gold velvet looks full of design. The fishing net is synonymous with sexy. The white fishing net has a little more pure; the touch of the golden velvet fabric is tough and lazy. The classic black and white match makes this shape look very simple.

Style 02

+Delosure of cutting abdomen

The characteristic tailoring can also make the shape of the shape. The exposed abdomen cutting and the open V -neck are sexy and fashionable. The y -shaped edge emphasizes this part of the design and has a strong design sense.

Style 03

Multi -color stitching

Black fishing nets and knitted sweater skirts are perfectly spliced. The personal and soft knit sweater shows the lines of the figure. The black fishing net is sexy and elegant, while the four colors of black, gray, blue, and khaki are large -scale stitching, which causes a “clothes in the clothes. The illusion of patching “is very avant -garde.


Style 04


+Printed dress

The printed elements are lasting in the fashion circle, and the printed dress comes with a retro and elegant taste, and the long printed dress is also full of atmosphere and dignity. It is a good choice to create a new fashion style in autumn.

Style 05

Vertical stripes+stitching

If you want to be thin, it is essential to be vertical items. The vertical stripes can pull up and down long lines, so the whole person can look thin. This skirt is designed with red and white splicing, red and white is a complementary color matching, the color is bright and comfortable, and the girl feels full.

Style 06


+Bubble sleeve

The cute bubble sleeves make the whole person look fluffy, just like a little princess. The design of the shirt collar pleated skirt is like a student wearing a uniform, and the college style coming from the face is very suitable for creating a new look!

Style 07

+Off -shoulder design

The deck -shoulder -designed knitted long -sleeved dress just exposes the skin, showing sexy and softness. The knitted dress is naturally softer, more modified lines, elegant and intellectual.

Style 08

Ultra -large cuffs+micro -threaded lace

This long -sleeved dress is very fashionable! Combined with a variety of elements, the large cuffs similar to Hanfu are elegant and elegant; hollow lace and slightly exposed skin have a hazy sexy; pure white makes people feel away from the world, it is a very creative design! Start a long -sleeved dress to dress up your autumn!