Antarctic VS Hengyuan Children’s warm underwear evaluation: Are these “brands” relying only on “tags”?


Little red flower evaluation said:

In winter, after finishing the evaluation of the baby’s sleeping bag, the little red flower evaluation originally planned to make a period of autumn clothes and autumn pants for the Boybabas, oh no, keep the warm underwear evaluation.

How to do it, a “Southern Weekend” article is called “The Antarctic Man, Hengyuanxiang, which is purchased by your online shopping, is it genuine or tag? “The report, exposed the news of the warm underwear such as” Antarctic People “and” Hengyuanxiang “, which caused heated discussions on various media.

What does that mean? That is, the brand underwear such as the Antarctic people and Hengyuanxiang you bought is not produced by the Antarctic and Hengyuanxiang Company. Their family has already cut off its own factory and only does the business of “selling tags” -these “these” you bought these ” “Brand goods” are actually some dealers and factories that have never been heard, but they have just hung the brand logos of “Antarctic People” and “Hengyuanxiang”.

“Brand goods” has always been a guarantee of good quality and stable quality in everyone’s impression. Of course, the price is also high. Do you still trust in brand goods? Can the quality be guaranteed?

Therefore, Huahua came to test it to see if these two big tag business and “brand -authorized” underwear brand products have been guaranteed whether the quality is guaranteed.


Next time, when you buy these brands of products, you have to open your eyes ~

Table of contents

■ Evaluation sample: Look at the “tag” of the flower eye

■ Evaluation indicators: fiber content insulation rate

■ Fiber content: a sample of “Antarctic Man” is unqualified

■ Insulation rate: all samples are qualified

■ Conclusion: “Antarctic Man” quality control is relatively weak than “Hengyuanxiang”

■ Consumption suggestion: carefully choose “tag” product

Evaluation sample

Look at the “tag” of the flower eye


The intention of the evaluation of Xiaohonghua is to find the “Antarctic Man” and “Hengyuanxiang” of different factories, different dealers, and different stores to compare the products they sell. The trust of the “Hengyuanxiang” brand.

However, when a certain treasure and a certain east sieve, the little red flower evaluation discovered this a few:


The product details page of many products is not marked on the manufacturer, and asked the customer service to avoid talking.

The official website of “Antarctic E -commerce” and “Hengyuanxiang” wants to check the details of the authorized manufacturers and dealers of various categories of products, and found that they could not be found at all. There is no information that can be controlled. This is a worrying thing for consumers.


2. On a certain treasure, the “Antarctic” store, children’s warm underwear is obviously more stylish than “Hengyuanxiang”, and the manufacturer is more messy. Therefore, when the sample is in hand, the tag and the collar can be described as a variety of attitudes.

Those who have the bid, the label without the bid, the tag is hung on the bidding, and the durability label; a tag is lonely on the clothes … Let’s feel it ~

Even appearing

What is not consistent with the manufacturer marked on the tag and the packaging bag

The explanation of customer service is: “This is our branch factory”!

3. When buying the “Hengyuanxiang” brand sample, Xiaohonghua evaluation first purchased 5 different styles of products in different stores based on sales. It was found that the manufacturers were almost the same and the shipments were the same.

According to the customer service response, there are only two franchise factories in Hengyuanxiang children’s underwear industry.

First, Jiangsu Tianyi Clothing Co., Ltd. mainly produces cotton thin autumn clothes and autumn pants; second is Yancheng Jinrui Clothing Co., Ltd.

, So even if you place orders in different stores, it will be uniformly issued from a total warehouse.

However, when 3 samples were purchased for screening in the future, Xiaohonghua evaluation found that there were actually more than two, and there was a authorized manufacturer to produce warm underwear for children.


Therefore, in the eight samples, only 2 models were selected as evaluation samples. From the perspective of packaging, the “Hengyuanxiang” product leading bidding and tags are more uniform.

After some effort, Xiaohonghua evaluation finally chose 4 “” Antarctic “children’s warm underwear, and 2” Hengyuanxiang “children with velvet warm underwear for testing. They all belong to different manufacturers production The product.


Because the samples are in the form of a suit, and the fiber components marked with durability labels on clothes and pants are consistent, the little red flower evaluation only sends out the top.

Evaluation indicator

Fiber content insulation rate

On the evaluation indicators, the little red flower test selected the high frequency of the previous textile quality inspection.


Fiber content

The indicator, and the more important indicators that measure the warm underwear–

Insulation rate

There are two items.

Let’s enter the evaluation time below!

A sample of Antarctic people is unqualified

Warm -keeping underwear is generally used

Polyester fiber (polyester), cotton, sticky fiber and spandex material

For production, according to different properties, two or more blending will be used in proportion.

In various production processes such as weaving, printing and dyeing, and post -treatment of clothes, the fiber content will inevitably cause more or less changes in loss, and the gap between the content ratio will also change, but it should be controlled within a reasonable range.

If the difference is too large or too small, it will affect the original performance of the fabric.


According to the national recommendation standard GB/T 29862-2013 “Identification of Textile Fiber content”, the allowable error of multiple components of fiber content is shown in the figure below:

Let’s see how the two brands perform ~


The cotton content of the “Antarctic Man” sample surface layer 3 exceeds 7%of the label value, and the middle layer is marked with 47%of the sticky glue fiber, but the measured measurement is 0. It is determined that the fiber content is seriously inconsistent with the measured measurement and unqualified.

The specific information of this sample is shown in the figure below:

The other three samples are qualified.


2. The measured fiber content of the two samples of “Hengyuanxiang” does not exceed the allowable value, and the judgment is qualified.


All samples are qualified

Keeping warm underwear does not keep warm. What do you use to buy? According to the FZ/T 73022-2012 “Knitting Warm Harming Underwear”, the requirements for thermal insulation rate are ≥30%. The greater the thermal insulation rate, the better the thermal warming performance of the thermal underwear.

In order to get closer to everyone’s consumption habits, Huahua requirements

The laboratory tests the warm -up rate after washing the warm underwear after washing

The data is shown in the figure below:


All products meet the standard requirements.

2. The insulation rate of “Antarctic People” 1, 2, and 3 samples has reached more than 40%. Although the No. 4 sample is the highest cotton content, the lowest insulation rate is the lowest, indicating that the insulation performance and cotton content of textiles are not necessarily inevitable. relation.

3. According to the information of the tag, the No. 3 sample of “Antarctic” and the No. 2 sample of “Hengyuanxiang” are executed by FZ/T 73016-2013 “Knitting Warm Burnal Fold” standard, which requires the insulation rate requirements for qualified products It is ≥45%. If judged according to this standard, the thermal insulation rate of the two samples is also qualified.

in conclusion


“Antarctic” quality control is relatively weak than “Hengyuanxiang”

Judging from the test results of the red flower evaluation, as far as children’s warm underwear is used alone,

The quality control of “Hengyuanxiang” is better than the “Antarctic”.

Judging from the historical sampling inspection data of government departments, the unqualified rate of “Antarctic” was also discovered relatively high. According to the statistics of “Southern Weekend”, in 2018,

The “Antarctic” has been on the “Black List” 14 times.

In terms of Hengyuanxiang, although there are also news exposure of unqualified product sampling inspection, it is relatively small compared to the “Antarctic”.

This difference in quality is closely related to the quality control system of the two brands.

“Hengyuanxiang” authorized manufacturers and dealers are relatively small and concentrated. The categories are mainly home textiles, knitting, and clothing.

In contrast, “Antarctic people” have more authorized manufacturers and dealers, and the “authorized factories” may not be the real producer, and there are also “re -entrusted processing”.

According to the official data of “Antarctic E -commerce”,

Its brand authorization has quickly expanded from textile categories such as warm underwear to the entire family life


, Diab trousers, glass, curly rods, massage sticks … what do you want,

There are 846 authorized dealers, 3,427 cooperative dealers, and 4,442 authorized stores.

How can such a huge authorized base be effectively restrained and managed to the quality of the product?

As a “tag applicant”, Xiaohonghua’s evaluation called the customer service of “Antarctic E -commerce”, and the consultation became the brand licensing issue of “Antarctic Children Children Children” distributors.

Customer service,

Tmall stores are already saturated and can no longer apply for authorization, but individuals such as Taobao can register and authenticate store opening can apply for authorization


The annual authorization fee is 5,000 yuan, which is renewed once a year.

In terms of supply chain, applicants can go to the authorized manufacturers in the “Antarctic E -commerce” system to sell goods, or they can go to the factory to organize the goods, pay a certain deposit in the factory, and then provide the brand’s qualified quality inspection report to the product party. OK.

Isn’t this the contrary to the public response of Cao Yitang, secretary of the “Antarctic E -commerce” board? emmmm …

▲ The screenshot is from the “China Securities News” reported: “Antarctic” brand authorization “model provoked controversy”

Let’s look at the “Antarctic E -commerce” regulations for product quality. In the “Notice of Obligation of the License” sent by the customer service, it is written like this:

▲ Screenshot comes from the “Antarctic E -commerce” “Notice of Obligations of the licensee”

The general meaning of Huahua’s understanding is, “You can do it by yourself, I don’t care about you, but if you can’t do it well by the government’s quality inspection department, if you lose your reputation, I will recover and fine.” The responsibility of quality control has been pushed more to dealers or suppliers.


And when the little red flower evaluation also called the customer service of “Hengyuanxiang” as a “applicant”, he was informed

“Hengyuanxiang” has canceled the online brand authorization, and only retains the brand authorization of physical stores.

If you want to sell “Hengyuanxiang” children’s warm underwear, you can only talk to the existing “Hengyuanxiang” online authorized shops and make product distribution.

Consumption suggestion: carefully choose “tag” product

In fact, brand authorization is not a fresh model, and it has long been abroad.

In the face of questioning, the Antarctic people also said with a word: “This is a normal business model.”


The formal brand authorization is that the brand is responsible for designing, doing quality reviews, conducting product promotion, and only authorized to produce by personal inspection, and sells well with good reputation.

It can be said that products from production and processing to sales have been strictly inspected by the brand to ensure the “brand tone” of this product.




For example, to become a Disney -certified factory, it is necessary to pass the Disney FAMA (production authorization application process table) processing factory process. The content is so detailed that it needs to provide the past 12 months of attendance records, salary sheets, labor contracts, fire exercise records, etc.

Become Disney’s authorized dealers, and the threshold is not low. In addition to up to hundreds of thousands of US dollars of authorized deposit, Disney also requires it to have at least five years in manufacturing, distribution or retail. experience.

The “Antarctic” brand authorization model is much weaker than quality control.

Therefore, when you buy products, you must pay attention to brand information and choose carefully. Otherwise, you think you are buying “good brand goods”, but it turns out that it is just an illusion.

Text/egg flower

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Introduction to “Little Red Flower Evaluation”:

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The “Little Red Flower Evaluation” adheres to the three principles: not accepting test samples provided by the enterprise, advertising and sponsorship attempts to affect the test results, and entrusted national certification testing institutions to test independently.

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