What is the whole tile and whole tile buying skills


With the development of technology, the raw materials and technology used in tile production are also increasing, and the quality of the product has also greatly improved. A variety of tile products also appear on the market, and all tiles are one of them. So what is the whole tile? How should I choose the whole tiles? Let Xiaobian introduce it to you.

What is all tiles

Search online and found that the general explanation is “tiles with a moisture content of less than 0.5%.” Due to the small water content, some netizens suggested that the whole tiles should adopt a thin paste method, otherwise it is easy to collapse porcelain. Some netizens said that all tiles can only be used as floor tiles and cannot be used as wall tiles. There are even the concepts of “half tiles” and “ceramic tiles”. Some netizens also introduced themselves: All tiles need to use glue on the walls and ground stickers. It is relatively not environmentally friendly, the water absorption rate is relatively small, and it is not easy to absorb oil. It is suitable for the kitchen and restaurant floor; The ground paving does not need to use glue. The cement is relatively environmentally friendly, the water absorption rate is relatively large, and it is easy to absorb oil. It is suitable for kitchen and restaurant walls and the entire bathroom. These claims are really easy to confuse and difficult to distinguish right or wrong.

The whole porcelain floor tile is a porcelain glass fossil with a water absorption rate of 0.5%. It is fired from quartz sand and mud according to a certain proportion, and then polished with a grinding gear. The surface is translucent and smooth, which belongs to the category of tile bricks. In addition, the water absorption rate of vitro bricks is less than 0.5%, which belongs to the whole tile. Its embryo is generally made of porcelain, that is, the entire brick is all porcelain, that is, the ceramic embryo is finally out of the kiln tile under a certain pressure and temperature. Things can also prevent permeability, so that the entire brick does not enter the water.

什么是全瓷砖 全瓷砖选购技巧

The water absorption rate of the whole porcelain tile is high, the density is high, and the hardness is high, so it can only be used with the ground with the ground. If it is used as a wall tile, its water absorption rate is too bottom, and the cement is easy to stick. Therefore, its structural characteristics are summarized:

(1) The color is gorgeous and soft, and there is no obvious color difference.

什么是全瓷砖 全瓷砖选购技巧

(2) High -temperature sintering and complete porcelain generated a variety of crystals such as Mo Lai Shi, which have stable physical and chemical performance, strong corrosion resistance, and strong pollution resistance.

(3) The thickness of the thickness is relatively thin, the resistance of the fold is high, the brick body is light, and the building load is reduced.

什么是全瓷砖 全瓷砖选购技巧

(4) No harmful elements.

(5) Folding strength is greater than 45MPa (granite anti-folding strength is about 17-20MPa).

(6) The water absorption rate is less than 0.5%.

All tile purchase skills

There is a layer of glazed surface on the surface of the whole porcelain floor tiles. In fact, it is also a layer of glass. It does not absorb water and does not absorb it. The surface of the polished brick has fine pores after polishing, which is easy to absorb pollutants.

The following indicators can be compared when the floor brick is selected: water absorption, abrasion resistance, acid resistance and pollution indicators.

什么是全瓷砖 全瓷砖选购技巧

(1) Selecting the glazed tiles mainly depends on the treatment of its tires and glazed.

(2) The tire should be standardized, the surrounding is flat, and the thickness is even. The thickness and size of the tiles of the same specification should not exceed 2 mm.

(3) The most important thing is the quality of the glaze. First of all, the glaze should be thick and smooth; second, the glazed color difference should be as small as possible. The bathroom toilet is suitable for small -scale tiles.

The whole porcelain floor tiles are generally used in people’s lives, but many people will be confused how to choose the real whole porcelain tiles. The principle of buying tiles is: look at, two listening, three drops of water, four -foot.

one look:

(1) Looking at the appearance, the surface color of the whole porcelain floor tiles should be uniform, smooth, and the flatness is better. The rules of the surrounding areas, no color difference, deformation, and lack of edges and corners.

(2) Looking at the section, the cross section is obviously divided into two layers of porcelain.

(3) Look at the weight. Generally, the full -weight all -porcelain tiles should be added to the glaze because of processing, so the tiles are relatively heavy. If the lighter tiles are not all porcelain.

Two listening:

(1) Listening to the sound, lightly hit with hard objects, the more crisp the sound, the higher the level of porcelain, the better the quality.

(2) Lift the edge or corners of the tile with one hand, and easily hang down. The other hand taps in the middle of the tile, emitting a thick and long tile (such as the sound made by the bronze clock) as the whole porcelain glass Brick; if the sound is turbid, there is no echo or the echo is smaller and short -promoted that the porcelain has a poor degree of porcelain in the tiles. The size of the embryonic raw materials of the tiles is uneven and the density is small. This is an ordinary semi -porcelain tile.

Three drops of water:

Due to the low water absorption rate of all -porcelain floor tiles, the floor tiles are reversed, dripping on the back, and the water is infiltrated after the water is spread. Generally speaking, the slower the water absorption, the greater the density of the tile; otherwise, the faster the water absorption, the faster the water absorption, the faster the water absorption, the faster the water absorption, the faster the water absorption, the faster the water absorption, the faster the water absorptions, the faster the water absorptions. It shows that the density is sparse, and its inherent quality is the former.

Four foots:

什么是全瓷砖 全瓷砖选购技巧

The higher the accuracy of the tiles, the better the effect after paving. Buying high -quality tiles is not only easy to construct, but also saves working hours and accessories. Use tape measures to measure whether the size of each tile is different, and the accuracy is high. In addition, observing its hardness, the tiles are based on good hardness, strong toughness, and not easy to break. With the edges and corners of the tiles of the tiles, they scratches each other, and the broken fragments of the damaged fragments are fine or loose, hard, crispy or soft. Difference.

The above editor will introduce to you what the whole tiles are, and how to buy all tiles. I hope that through the introduction of Xiaobian, we can let everyone have a better understanding and understanding of the whole tiles, so that they can buy more suitable tile products.