How to choose a simple cotton and cotton in bed? Choose the right sheets and let you sleep until Dynasties


Many friends now pay more attention to the quality of the sheets when buying sheets. Cotton and cotton sheets are more common, but many friends don’t understand the difference between the two. The bedroom sheets are also relatively blind. How to choose a simple cotton and cotton in the bed? Select the right sheet to let you sleep until dawn. Let’s take a look at the method of buying the sheets together.

1. How to choose a simple cotton and cotton in bed?

Generally on pure cotton or whole cotton bedding, we can all see the cotton content marked by labels. Basically, cotton or whole cotton will basically not be labeled 100 %, because national regulations can only be called those products that only contain one fiber. It is 100 %. Whether it is cotton or cotton, the cotton content does not reach 100 %, so we can see the cotton content and other fiber content in the ingredient table.

Even if the cotton content is less than 100 %, as long as the cotton content reaches 95 %, it can be called all cotton. The requirements of pure cotton are lower. If the cotton content reaches 75 %, it can be called a cotton product. In addition to cotton products, cotton products also contain some aggregate fibers. Although there are some differences between cotton and cotton cotton content, it is almost the same in terms of feel. If you only feel with your eyes, you can basically not feel the difference, because both cotton or cotton are very soft and skin -friendly. In addition to this, the warmth and water absorption of cotton beds and whole cotton beds were similar.

What is the difference between pure cotton and cotton: Generally speaking, the cotton sheets are relatively high because the cotton content is higher, so the price is relatively high. In addition, we all know that cotton products are easy to shrink. Whether it is cotton or whole cotton, there is a certain shrinkage. But because the cotton adds aggregate fibers, it will be smaller. The shrinkability of whole cotton will be larger. Therefore, if you choose all cotton or cotton products, you should choose a larger style than expected to prevent inappropriate phenomena after shrinking.

Which cotton sheets and cotton sheets are better? In fact, cotton and whole cotton are also distinguished. Both are soft and skin -friendly. If the normal bedroom is used, it is a better choice whether it is cotton or all cotton, so many times there is no need to choose a higher -priced all -cotton product, because the cotton sheets can also satisfy our daily place. Need, soft and skin -friendly, it is also very comfortable to use.


2. What fabrics are good to buy sheets?

1. Platty -grained sheets

Fabric characteristics: There are many intertwined points, the texture is firm, stiff, and the surface is flat. The number is about 30, the density is slightly low, and the fabric is more prone to defects such as jumping yarn, and the price is relatively low.


2. Tipping sheets

During the fabric woven, the flower case is formed by changes in the latitude and weft tissue (the pattern on the fabric is woven, not ordinary printing or embroidery.), The gauze is fine, its needle line density is high, it does not deform, does not fade, the comfort is good, the comfort is good Essence At present, the flowering flowers are very popular in the market. The bedding of Gongshin has a rich fabric color, not monotonous, and has a strong three -dimensional sense. It looks higher and tasteful.

3. Slipped sheets

Fabric characteristics: There is a front and back, a completely intertwined point in the tissue cycle, long floating lines, soft hand feel, high density of the sheets, thicker, and strong three -dimensional sense. There are 30, 40, and 60 branches.

4. Gong satin sheet sheet

Fabric characteristics: The meridian and weft gauze are intertwined at least three veils, so the satin tissue makes the fabric density higher, so the fabric is thicker. Satonal sheets cost higher than similar flat -line and diagonal sheets. The cloth surface is smooth and delicate.

3. What is the method of choosing the sheets?


1. Fabric material

The sheets are closely in contact with the human body, so the requirements for their materials are very high. Generally speaking, the higher the fabric of the natural fiber content, the better. This is because the sheets made of natural fibers have good hygroscopic and breathability, mild and non -irritating, and can protect human skin in a good way.

2. Printing and dyeing process


Although the current printing and dyeing process is becoming more and more mature, as long as the color you can think of can be perfectly presented, since it is a dyeing material, no matter how much it is, it will bring some harm to the human body. Therefore, the bedroom sheet fabrics will be safer as much as possible. Dark -colored sheeton fabrics generally have a long time in dyeing, and the destruction of internal fiber tissues is even greater, which is better than light colors.


3. Disease density of bed sheets

One of the important measuring indicators of the sheet fabric grade is density, but this is often ignored by us. The density of the fabrics sold in the market is generally 120-200, which is very thin. If it can reach 300, it is called the high-level and high density in China. The mid -to -high -end fabric can reach more than 400, and the higher ones can reach 1600.

If you have selected the sheets, you should pay attention to the selection method. There are more materials for the sheets. Whether it is cotton material or all cotton material, it is a very good fabric. There are many ways to choose the sheets. Pay attention to the specific printing and dyeing methods and pay attention to the density of the fabric so that the family will be more comfortable when sleeping in the future.