Change the mood on the 7th of the Spring Festival like changing clothes


The 7 -day holiday of the Spring Festival, the mood is like clothes. There are different feelings and yin every day. Of course, the differences in the occasion must also choose different style to set off. The beauty of 2015 starts from these 7 days, and one LOOK one day, keeping you freshly stop! Xiaobian recommends 7 specialty Spring Festival to everyone, so that you can wear it without busyness!

春节7日搭 换心情如换衣服

Look 1: Oversize top+envelope skirt

On the first day of the New Year, of course, it is to go out to worship the New Year. It is not so easy to keep warm and chIC. Oversize’s coat top is definitely a style that will continue to continue in 2014. The round shoulder design, wide sleeve, plump and round. The airport can’t be seen at all! In addition, the envelope skirt with a long body, let the people around you envy! Who said that the New Year must be flowers? Black and white are more aura.

春节7日搭 换心情如换衣服

Recommended recommendation: Oversize top+envelope skirt

春节7日搭 换心情如换衣服

Sports cells with sporty cells, mixing the tulip skirt with a dance atmosphere. The cold black combined with tender pink, more lively.

Look 2: Long Mao Woors A Coat +Wheel Boot Boots

春节7日搭 换心情如换衣服

On the second day of the New Year, family gatherings are mostly in and out of some high -end hotels. So your dress must not only see the elderly in the family, but also have the heads and tastes that enter and exit at high -end hotels. What you should do is a woolen coat that grows to the knee, and a pair of high -knee high boots. It doesn’t matter whether you paired with dresses inside or wearing bottom pants or stockings.

春节7日搭 换心情如换衣服

Recommended recommendation: Long Mao Woors A Coat +Waste -knee Boots

Chibirdi is the best lethal weapon to please mother -level characters. It is necessary to evoke their fashion memories when they are young. At the same time, you are also fashionable.

Look 3: Plusal Horse Sea Mao +9 Pants

春节7日搭 换心情如换衣服

On the third day of the New Year, colleagues meet, all of them are some young partners, and they can only be energetic! Pull the horses and sea. The furry looks cute, soft, and comfortable to wear. To sum up the explosion of the 2013 autumn and winter press conference, we also wear some superb, to be worthy of the hard work of last year and the 14 -year start! I suggest you choose 9 points. Whether it is a cigarette pipe or wide -leg pants, it can be brilliant.

Recommended recommendation: Plusal Horse Hai Mao +9 Pants

春节7日搭 换心情如换衣服

The solid color pull -up horse sea wool top is better, of course, it must be versatile than the flower case. Wide -legged pants materials should not be too soft, otherwise there is no sense of presence!

春节7日搭 换心情如换衣服

Look 4: Macaron color set

春节7日搭 换心情如换衣服

On the fourth day of the New Year, the classmates met, and a group of old classmates who hadn’t seen each other for several years, old -fashioned friends! Comparing together, it is not better than anyone, who is young, who is beautiful. OK, no problem. It should be right to go through the macaron set. The suit enhances personal taste and value, and the macaron color is young and chic. Do n’t control those soil buns. Anyway, your fashion world must have a new and new fashion view.

Match recommendation: Macaron color set

春节7日搭 换心情如换衣服

Whether you are pink control or not, Xiaobian recommends that you wear a pink macaron set. The girl looked at envy and jealousy, and the boy had only drooling.

Look 5: Fur coat+ONE PIECE dress

Please come to a fashion party in the fifth day! If you are invited to participate, don’t be rude. Take out your most expensive fur. Hurry up and squander! Candy -colored fur seems to be more suitable for this occasion that needs to show off the wealth. The best partner of the fur must be a simple ONE PIECE dress. If it is a bling element, it is more suitable for the colorful light lights, or it is also a noble silk lady.

Recommended recommendation: Fur jacket+ONE PIECE dress

TIPS: The ruthless character on the party, except for fur and dresses, is not enough. Come to some leopard or zebra patterns, let you integrate into the party High.

Look 6: Art print+pointed high heels

春节7日搭 换心情如换衣服

The lazy time in the festival should be grasped well, and we should put in work and study after two days, so we relax and relax, and come to a girlfriend afternoon tea. Romantic art printing is super suitable for coffee and tea, and a few more CAP CAKE. Even if there is no boyfriend’s companion, it can be very sweet like your girlfriend. Remember that pointed high heels can make you the queen in them, do you believe it?

Match recommendation: Art print+pointed high heel shoes

A pair of pointed high -heeled shoes that highlight the ankle curve can make you the queen of the afternoon tea of ​​girlfriends, which is indeed amazing. Printed pants may be more suitable for the afternoon tea atmosphere where you sit on the leg.

Look 7: Business shirt+wide -leg pants

On the last day of the holidays, go shopping at the same time as you feel, otherwise you will be put into work and study, and you don’t know when you can connect with the new fashion. Today’s dressing starts to converge, and get used to the rhythm of work, and the wide -leg pants of the shirt can also be casual. The style of wide -leg pants, do not bring the suit suit to work! Holidays still have to be a little holiday. Please choose a fashionable one.

Recommended: Business shirt+wide -leg pants

Although you can wear a business shirt, don’t wear it if you don’t want to be flattened like a rigid board in the company, just open two more buttons. You have to choose a long point of the necklace!

春节7日搭 换心情如换衣服

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