How to make the teacher don’t take the detour of the printer within a thousand yuan


Recently, many teachers in Xiaohong books have problems in the use of printers, such as laser printers, small, cheap A3, inkjet printers, is also easy to plug, what kind of print products are suitable Teacher this special group?

Before purchasing print products, we need to know what kind of print technology, print functionality suitable for teachers’ groups, and recommends suitable products within a thousand yuan according to different needs.

For print products, printing technologies are diverse, and the teacher group will contact the needle printing technology, inkjet printing technology, laser printing technology products. The needle printing technology is now more than the invoice printing and does not meet the daily use of teachers’ groups. Secondly, ink jail printing products, the advantage is that the price of products can be low in color printing, but the disadvantages are also extremely obviously expensive, which is prone to plug risks. The laser print product is durable and stable is its greatest advantage, but it is more expensive than the price of black and white laser printers compared to inkjet printing products. If it is a color laser printing product is more expensive. So the teachers first should clarify their budget and black and white / color printing needs when picking printer products.

Secondly, the product’s functionality is currently printed into scan, copy, wired / wireless networks, etc., followed by an ADF automatic documentation, or automatic double-sided printing, such as batch scanning or copying The function, of course, the more the product is price, the higher the product price. Since we recommend printing products for teachers friends, we have selected products sold within 1,000 yuan.

HP M17A: Small size and stable durability

Sell ​​Price: 1000 yuan


When you think of a teacher group, our first impression is a thick test paper on its desk. This is a small office desktop that requires a small print product, so we recommend this to the world’s smallest laser printer. HP M17A.

In addition to the size of the teacher’s office environment, HP M17A is very suitable for the teacher’s office environment. The product also uses laser printing technology. The durability and stability of the product are extremely low, and the probability of daily fault is very low. It is very suitable for teachers and friends.

Canon G3800: Single Set of Consumables 7000 Page Color Print, Multi-Function


Sell ​​Price: 999 yuan


Canon G3800 Diagram Wireless Multifunction Module support printing, copying, and scanning features, standard wireless network, fast-moving mobile phone, tablet, notebook, etc. Mobile office equipment. Bring the original factory ink, nominally printing black and white is 6,000 pages, colored up to 7,000 pages, playing and more economical.

For teachers and friends, the problem of care of ink jack print products, just turn off the power after the purchase is used, the internal driver of the body is automatically cleaned in a certain period of time, reducing the appearance of the plug. .

Run map P3022D: automatic double-sided print application

The rushing P3022D black and white laser printer is marked with a printing speed of 30 pages per minute. Basic belongs to medium speed printing products, most importantly, this product uses drum powder separating consumables, and single printing cost is more low.


Of course, we recommend not only because of its consumable printing and single printing costs, the maximum feature of this product is standard to automatically double-sided printing, which can effectively reduce the amount of printing paper for teachers. On the other hand, the product supports manual paper feed mode, which can effectively help teachers’ groups printed longer or more special paper media.

In fact, many teachers need to print, such as A3 forming papers. Since these products are priced, we will filter more affordable print products after being recommended.


Sell ​​Price: 999 yuan