“EXO” “Sharing” 171115 from a patrolled four-patrol hat, the poster finally did not fall dark!


“Touched tears,” Here you must express your current mood!

「EXO」「分享」171115 从一巡到四巡 傻帽出的海报终于不走暗黑风了!

Today, after four years, the silly hat finally abandoned the traditional dark blow, and I gave them the pureness of EXO. This is a real person to move, oh ~ Please come to fuel, and stick to the pure painting wind.

[EXO one tour of four patrols]

A patrol poster

Two patrol posters

「EXO」「分享」171115 从一巡到四巡 傻帽出的海报终于不走暗黑风了!

Three patrol posters

Four patrol posters

「EXO」「分享」171115 从一巡到四巡 傻帽出的海报终于不走暗黑风了!

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