In the past, rural parents liked to collect ram’s beard. What do you collect this? Not to sell money


Just after the New Year, a few friends of the black sister -in -law got alcohol. These people usually work outside. They only come back for a few days in the New Year. They have some drinks and drinking. Talking about it is actually very good. I also followed.

I eat everything in the usual hotel. There is nothing worth talking about in the process. It is nothing more than some chats. I talk about what I did last year and what I want to do this year.

But something happened after drinking. After they drank, the next day, one of the friends gave her husband a video and said that they had rotten their mouths. Is it allergic to eating at the restaurant? At that time, I didn’t believe it. I almost did not tease me when I stretched my head. He made a piece of yellow beans on his chin.

We are all shocked. If there is something wrong with what they eat, why is it okay for others? It seems that I found that this thing was like a kind of sore often heard when I was a kid, so he told him that he would be suspicious, but he was uncomfortable, so he did it as I said, but I did not expect It’s so good.

What methods are used, we will make it clear below.

It is said that in the past rural areas, some parents or elderly people like to collect ram’s beard. Sometimes they want to sell sheep and can be sold, but this ram’s beard must be cut with scissors. The same is true for killing sheep. When he was a child, he was very curious. He didn’t understand why they collected ram’s beard to sell money? In the past, there were many strange things in the countryside. For example, there were bones in the past, and they did not know what they received.

But this ram’s beard has not seen anyone accept it, so what do they collect these? What is even more itchy is that when they asked them, they were mysterious, making people more itchy.


Later, I grew up and understood some strange truths that existed in the countryside. For example, those strange and strange births, the elderly in the rural areas have not learned, but often say a sentence: one thing drops and one thing, brine tofu is like this. It means that no matter what, or even everything in the world, it is always each other. Some are accompanied by each other, and some are overwhelmed.

With the curiosity of black ,, there are still people who are extremely scarce. Naturally, I do n’t understand what the truth is. According to the elderly, something hurts someone somewhere, and there must be something to be solved not far away. For example, we were bitten by a poisonous snake somewhere, and most of them will find the plant that relieve snake poison, but most people do not know what plants are.


They said that this was the truth of each other, accompanied by each other, and each other. This made me even more curious, and asked them why, but they couldn’t say why.

Although I do n’t understand the truth of this complexion, I later realized that they collected ram’s beard for convenience in life. So, what is the role of ram’s beard? Let’s talk about this problem below.

Ⅰ: What is the use of the collected ram’s beard?

Before we talk about, let’s talk about injuries caused by naughty when he was a child.


When he was a child, he grew up in his aunt’s house, and his cousin took me to play with me. So I wrote this cousin in many articles. The reason is very simple. Dear, it is the same as a relative.

But when he was a child, he was unwilling to take me. He was nine years older than me. He played some children of the same age with him, and took me a little hindrance. But this point does not prevent me from following them. If you don’t let you cry, they can’t help but be able to take it.

Once they were naughty and went to steal the tomatoes of others.

At that time, the tomatoes were planted in the self -retained land. This kind of self -retained land has a characteristic that it is close to home, and people are used as a vegetable garden. They stole it, and I went in to steal, but the owner’s house suddenly appeared, holding a stick, and shouting to run here. It was actually scaring.


They ran away, and I was behind a tomato in my mouth, and they ran with them. Unexpectedly, they stepped on a glazed brick in panic. The glazed brick was that people did not control the temperature when they burned the bricks. As a result, they were burned. A few bricks were knotted together. They could not build a house. They could only throw them in some places.

This glazed brick was very sharp. After I stepped on it, I cut my feet. It was a big blood mouth and stitched for ten stitches. Until now, there is still this scar on my feet. I got such a wound on my feet, and I couldn’t follow them to run away. My uncle did not let me go out at home, so I didn’t mention how uncomfortable me.

Later, I couldn’t stand it. They didn’t let me go out, so I crawled out. At that time, I was six or seven years old and climbed into the hutong to make people joke. My uncle was in his life and closed me, sending my cousin to look at me. The door could not be released. I was lying in bed every day. It was summer. I was going to sleep and went wrong. I had a lot of tweezers on my body, and then the chin was rotten. There were a lot of red bumps on the chin, and then the yellow water was broken, not to mention how disgusting was.

My uncle said that I was a sore, let alone let me go out, because there was an old saying in the countryside that was called a good illness, and the sores were resting. It means that after you are sick, you ca n’t lie at home. You have to turn around. When you see others, you can talk about it. This is good for psychology and will not cause psychological diseases because of this. But when there is a sore, you can’t turn it. You have to rest at home, because many sores are taboo in wind and the wind can cause the sore to be more serious.

Not only did my uncle not allowed me to go out, but also made some yellow paste to touch me on the chin. A fragrant and burnt taste made people nauseous. But there are injuries on my feet, there are tweezers on my body, and there are sores on my chin. I really dare not resist, I just hope that I will get better soon. But I doubt this yellow paste.

What I didn’t expect was that these things were touched, and those places with yellow water on my chin slowly cried slowly, and those red bumps were gone after falling off. It’s great. After the sore, the injury on my feet was fine. I could go out and play crazy again.

Later, I learned that my uncle touched the ram’s beard on my chin, but it just added sesame oil. It is to burn the ram’s beard on a brick, then adjust it with sesame oil into a paste, and wipe it in the place where the sore sores. That is, since then I understand why some rural elderly people like to collect ram’s beard. This thing is cure sores. They collect them and wait for children to use sores.

In the past, most of the rural children had sores. The reason may be not too hygienic before, but I don’t know if it is specifically. Anyway, the sore I was born was cured with ram’s beard, and the name of this sore was directly called “sheep’s beard sores”, and the ram’s beard was grached this sore.

However, my curiosity is up again. Why can the ram’s beard be cured?

Ⅱ: What is the principle of ram’s beard to treat sheep and beard sores?

Some people may have heard of many rural people enter the city. After entering the city, these people work hard to learn the lives of people in the city, and even talk about sanitation than people in the city. But their children are always sick. At this time, some people say that you bring the child to the countryside and let him play soil. It will be fine after a while.

Indeed, some people do this, and some children are strong after playing for a while. Some people do not understand this principle. In fact, the truth is very simple, that is, children are running around the countryside. First, they have exercised their bodies and their resistance increases. It is that simple. So when we talk about what to overcome, we don’t need to say a series of professional words to show our profession. For example, some rural elderly people will not say any nouns, but it will make some strange diseases. Does this make sense? Professionals naturally think that there is no reason, but in fact, there is a reason for each other. I want to understand, which is also a scientific reason.

After growing up, because of his curiosity too heavy, Hei Yan read a lot of miscellaneous books. He was messy and looked at everything to satisfy his curiosity. I have been curious since I was a child, so I especially wanted to understand this matter, but to be honest, there was no specific explanation of this kind of thing. For this reason I really saw this record. In addition, when you grow up, you will think about something in a daze, so I think that this ram’s beard is actually a very simple matter, which is not too much of mystery. For example, what is sore? It is fungal infection. As long as we can kill these fungi, we can cure this sore.

It is a sore, in fact, some athletes or something are all the truth. As long as these fungi can be grasped, it cannot be attached to the human body. The so -called sore disease is naturally better.

Sheep beard sores should also be a fungal infection, and sheep beard with sesame oil can just kill this fungus. This is the truth of each other. This sounds nonsense, but in fact, there are too many examples in nature. For example, there is a brother who had a brother who had been thin when he was a child. He couldn’t cure it. Later, he drank with cloves every day and drank it for a summer vacation.

Another example is that the cactus can gram the bee thorns. When I was a kid, I was stung by bees.

But what is the reason here? Hei Yan believes that professional personnel can find the truth, and we are not professionals, and naturally cannot fully understand the truth of each other. Speaking of which, some people may refute. Since ordinary people don’t know these truths, why is there such a prescription? There are too many reasons, it may be ancient, or it may be the long -term life experience and summary of things in rural areas. We cannot underestimate the ability of rural people in this regard. Spirit.

In ancient times, people were poor and had no money to buy medicine. They used some ancient prescriptions to cure some things, and some were really cured, so this method was passed down. This is not unusual.

Ⅲ: We can see from the above content that the purpose of collecting rural parents or elderly people to collect ram’s beard is very simple, just to overcome sheep’s beard sores. But to say why he can be gramped, this black sister -in -law is not a professional research. It is really nonsense, let alone mess up. It is impossible for people to know anything, they know, and they should not know that they should not know.

We must understand that the human body is very wonderful. The world is amazing, and the physical condition of a person is different, so various diseases can be performed differently in each person’s body. For example, some people love something very much. But it is possible that others are allergic to this thing. You can see a flower very beautiful. It is possible that others can be allergic to the pollen and even cause life. Therefore, no matter what it plagues us, it is important to use the right method. It is not scientific to open your mouth to say that things that have been circulated in rural areas are not scientific. In fact, it is the biggest unscientific.

Of course, in the end, Hei Yan still said that these were used by people in the past without law. With the advancement of science and technology, these sores are easy to cure, and various sores have become significantly less. These backward recipes are not likely to use. It is better to touch an ointment directly with ram’s beard. Essence Since there is a good law, the backward method will naturally be eliminated.

When we are uncomfortable, the hospital is always the first choice, modern science and technology progress, and development of medicine. Do n’t think about it for ourselves. If you do n’t do it well, you will have a big deal. What do you think?