The difference between Lenovo commercial machines and home machines


1. The difference between running failure and warranty period:

Commercial machines have been guaranteed for 3 years for 3 years: the accessories of commercial machines are out of production, with an average failure operation of 60,000 hours. Stability and security are the best, and the technical content is relatively high.

Household machines have three years of warranty for 1 year: The average family machine runs 40,000 hours without failure.

Second, the key differences of use:

1. Commercial emphasis is on the processing of stability and documentation, and commercial machines focus more on stability and security. The commercial machine uses the special commercial motherboard chipset of the Intelq series

2. Households are mainly entertainment and performance: home machines focus more on performance and entertainment. The home machines basically use Intelp series, G series motherboards and AMDRS series motherboards;


3. Targeted differences:

1. Commerciality is aimed at the company: For example, the chassis of commercial machines, there are many various types of cards on it, so The confidentiality is the best, and the price is relatively high, because the technical content inside is relatively high.

Fourth, the difference between operation speed and data protection:

1. Commercial computer = high speed+large capacity. But not suitable for playing games. Commercial models pursue high stability, and under the same conditions, the adaptability is stronger than the home machine. At the average failure time, the stocks are more than 5,000 hours, and some highs can reach more than 20,000 hours. The security of commercial environment is also a problem of commercial machines. In order to prevent damage and loss of information.

2. Home machines are generally used in the family environment. The continuous use time will not be very long, and the working environment is relatively much better than commercial machines. Therefore, the home machine stability does not have to be as strict as required as commercial machines for a long time.


3. Multimedia function:

(1) The multimedia function of commercial models is generally not strong, and it is very targeted, highlighting the enhancement of application functions suitable for some aspects.

(2) Household machine functions cover all aspects of learning and entertainment office. The selection of accessories is becoming more and more complete, and the diversification of functions has been achieved. The current home machines have developed in the direction of home appliances, and there is a big intention to integrate and replace home appliances.

4. Expansion and appearance:

(1) Commercial machines are mainly used for various commercial office environments. In terms of appearance design, according to the serious and generous design concept, most of them choose black and white or gray monochrome in the color of the chassis. In the future, the consideration of external functions and external office equipment should be added. The chassis and motherboards of the commercial machines are standard full size. The external ports are complete. The upgrade and extension capabilities are generally better than the home machine, which is convenient for future maintenance and repair.

(2) The home machine is facing family customers. The design highlights the personality and beauty, the chassis style is not uniform, and the color is colorful. The reserved space and slot are less than commercial machines.

Fifth, the difference between the motherboard and other components:

(1) The full series of commercial machines use the special commercial motherboard chipset of the Intelq series, and the commercial emphasis is stable

(2) The home machine basically uses the Intelp series, the motherboard of the G series and the AMDRS series motherboards. The household emphasizes performance.

6. The difference between the choice of user units:

(1) Commercial use: In some specific industries, they need a overall solution to help them improve their work efficiency. To this end, some manufacturers have withdrawn from the overall solutions developed for certain industries In the festival, Lenovo’s Qitian computer is a tailor -made computer for the education industry. He can complete the control of the entire network by setting up a computer, install a unified teaching environment, and use integrated chassis to achieve the protection of the machine. Lenovo has a special computer -controlled commercial computer dedicated to the development and development of the “Gold Tax Project”. All components have been tested by tax control to ensure the compatibility, stability and safety of the machine’s anti -counterfeit tax control applications.

(2) Home use: home machines are generally targeted at individuals or family users, and there are generally no special needs in use.

Seven, data security issues:

1. Commercial use: For enterprise users, the importance of data is very important. Once the data is obtained or damaged by the virus, the loss may be very large. Therefore, commercial users attach more importance to data security. For this reason, some commercial brands have also increased solutions to data security protection.

Two households: For individuals or family users, data is not very important, and it is not great to lose the relationship. General protection measures can be solved basically.