How much is the price of the puzzle bracelet?


There are many effects of garnet. It can regulate qi and blood, beauty and beauty, and improve blood problems, promote circulation, and enhance vitality. Therefore, it is welcomed by female friends. So is the garnet bracelet expensive? How much is the price of the pitch bracelet?

Is the garnet bracelet expensive?

Generally, no more than 100 in three laps can be bought, but the quality is really good. Three laps are generally 4mm108 bracelets.

Let’s talk about the price of the price of garnet first:

1. The color from the red to the rose red, and the rose (some also become purple tooth black). The price is from low to high.

2. The transparency of the beads, the higher the transparent price, and the opaque price is very low.

3. How much is the ice cracking of the beads. It is not the best, it is very expensive, or it is fake.

4. The size of the beads, the larger the beads, the higher the price under the same quality.

Whether the price of garnet bracelets is thoroughly inside the beads, or whether the ice cracks are large, and the colors have a lot to do. The same 6mm pitch beads, 108 bracelets, and the price is possible from more than 100 to thousands.

Blusters, opaque, more ice cracks, and more black spots are more than one hundred string, some do not even exceed 100 yuan, domestic materials.

Slightly, transparent, red or rose red, 6mm diameter bracelets are possible for two to three hundred to five or six hundred.

If it is imported Brazilian material, purple, transparent, and less ice cracks, the bracelet with a diameter of 6mm in diameter may be two or three thousand, and the price of slight cracks may be five or six thousand.

How much is the price of a pitch bracelet

6mm, wine red, ice cracks, and not much transparent finite bracelets are about 10-15 yuan per gram; 6mm, rose red, ice cracks are relatively small, and relatively transparent pitch bracelets are about 20-30 yuan per gram per gram , African ingredients, such as Mozambique, are good for good quality; 6mm, rose purple, ice cracks, and very transparent pitch bracelets are about 30-80 yuan per gram; 4mm, slightly cotton, the price ranges from 150-300 yuan per gram. (Price source network, for reference only)

Is there any radiation of garnet?

石榴石手链贵吗 石榴石手链价格多少钱一克

Garnet has radiation

The garnet is mineral, and the average ore has radiation. The garnet is a gem jewelry. Generally, jewelry contains radioactive element 钇, which means that it may be radioactive. The detection indicates that the garnet contains radioactive element. Radiation, but this radiation is not a threat to the human body.

石榴石手链贵吗 石榴石手链价格多少钱一克

Garnet radiation will not endanger human health

Although the garnet has radiation, the impact on the human body is still relatively small, because the mined gems have undergone billions of years of crustal changes. Its radioactivity has long become harmful, so there is no need to worry.

Other garnet will make the color better after artificial radiation. Generally, regular manufacturers will be set up for a period of time after the radiation, and then it is sold for sale. The radiation of this kind of gem has no harm to the human body.

Instead of inferior garnet needs to be alert to radiation

In order to be more beautiful and shiny, some inferior puweed jewelry will do some radiation treatment. If the manufacturer’s radiation processing process is not good, the radiation substance may be residual. Essence