79 yuan today! Thousands of yuan of quality jackets, super upper body! It is not a problem to wear it for three or five years


Immediately, it will cool down all parts of the country to usher in the real autumn, and everyone’s outdoor sports will gradually increase ~


But this season is always rainy and changing,

There is a wind -proof and fashionable coat!


In fact, the jacket is a great choice. They can be casual, fashionable, and can also prevent waterproof, moisturizing, and warmth. It is the first choice for celebrities in autumn.


In the past, everyone was occasionally traveling outdoors. Until in recent years, it emerged in the street shooting with the tide and stars.

Everyone thinks, wow,


It turns out that the jacket can also be so handsome!


Especially many gentle girls, the upper body charge is also full of heroic!


Why didn’t you take the initiative to wear it before?

Because it was for everyone to wear outdoors, the color of the design was extremely bright, so as to achieve conspicuous effects in the mountains.


But I usually wear it on my body

Earth, ugly, and old!

Until now, the style has changed dramatically.


However, the price is also rising, and just search for a thousand yuan.

I watched the news testing hundreds of punches, and there were still 40 % unqualified for such a high cost.


How to do? It’s better to try what I started this year

Yueyue cotton couple jumpsuit! Intersection

The upper body windshield, waterproof, and pollution -proof,


Keep warm and handsome,

The most important thing is that it is less than 100 yuan, and it is comparable to a thousand yuan big name!

01. Waterproof! Precipy! Windproof!


It’s particularly thin! Intersection Intersection

It adopted

Ultra high hydrophobic layer

The water is not scared directly upwards, wiping is the same as the new one!


Even the dark colors such as cola will not enter at all, let alone dye.

If it meets the rain, it will decline directly along the clothes,


It’s like wearing a raincoat, no umbrella!

This side can also highlight the high quality and density of its material, so it is especially suitable for three seasons of autumn and winter and spring, and the windproof effect is also bars.

The brand never spends money to ask any celebrity endorsement, and puts all the promotion funds on the fabric.


My colleagues said: “The quality thief of the North Mian charge with her husband has a big loss!”

And it has superior version of tailoring, 190 pounds of male colleagues upper body,


The visual effect is 50 pounds.

Girls who want to be thin must start!

It is also very good,

Wearing a short sleeve in the weather around 20 °, it can be taken off when it is hot

Then the sweater is also rubbed for more than rubbing, and the version is still thin.

The lower body can be paired with jeans, trousers, skirts, super versatile ~

Even in the cold winter it is superior

Poly temperature effect


, Inside a warm jacket, 1 sweater, and the outer jacket, it is enough to carry 0 °.


Another expensive and delicate down jacket and wool coat have been saved.

A total of 4 colors in women’s models, M code-3XL code.


A total of 5 colors, from M code to 5xl.

Friends who like slimness can take normal code, slightly loose recommendation to take 1 yard.


It has no brand premium, so it is much cheaper than big names


, This original price is only 399 yuan.

The buyer followed up for 1 month before getting 100 copies of welfare price!

Taking advantage of the autumn, everyone quickly stocks,

79 yuan a thousand yuan quality windproof waterproof jacket


, It’s less than 2 cups of coffee money.

You can buy it home first, and you can return if you ca n’t do it, but I believe that its quality will definitely be convinced of you!

02. The price of less than 100 yuan, do not lose the quality of the big name of 1,000 yuan

I went to Tibet to spend more than 1,000 big -name assault clothes the year before.

As a result, it was fat and wrinkled, and the wind -proof effect was not good. After returning, he never worn it in the wardrobe.

But this year started

姒 Moon cotton jacket

It’s really amazing!


Obviously wearing it is warm and at least 5 °. The outer layer is highly dense shell, combined with a thin film, containing pills, which can effectively prevent the wind from destroying the wind.

Don’t be afraid when you encounter a typhoon.


The fabric is not only windproof, but it can achieve the effect of dripping water like lotus leaves.

When the stains and water encounter the clothes, they will quickly bounce away without leaving any water stains ~


My colleague said: “Put a company as an air -conditioned shirt, and I no longer afraid to eat soup powder and hot pot splash on the clothes, hahaha!”

Waterproof wind and windshield will not be very boring. Imported German knitting machines can be made through extremely thin needle holes

Microcyllar mesh.


Make the velvet in the mezzanine not only soft and skin -skinned, but also a feature, which is one -way wetting!

This means that when climbing the mountains, the rain can not pour in,


But the sweat of climbing the mountain can be discharged, so that it is not sticky inside, especially cattle!

A good quality clothes, hardware is the key, look at its zipper,

It’s as silk as Dove, very easy to pull!


Even if we poke it with the sharp scissors, there is no trace at all,


It’s like a diamond cover!


It also has “stealth” pockets

, Putting into an iPhone11pro is like a tissue stuffed with a paper towel. It can’t be seen outside, and it will not be ugly! Intersection

This design is so good ~~

The hat can also be disassembled. If you want to mature, remove it directly.

If we have a hat, it also has a layer of warm inner layer, which is also waterproof ~

Not only the position of the neckline, but also to prevent the wind,

The cuff part is also added with a loose band

, The windproof effect is super good!


The details of the clothes are ashamed of the quality of the thousand yuan big name!


Such a durable assault jacket,

It is still like you just bought from the mall for three or five years!


Now this season is paired with short -sleeved, and it is a style to wear a shirt and sweater in the cold.


03. There are many colors, easy and versatile!

It has no messy decoration. Don’t pick age, don’t pick gender, who wears who look good.

Ivory white


Rice white is a color that can be controlled by black skin, yellow skin, and white skin. Black jeans are randomly packed, and youth is full of youth.


If you want to go out of the street with your boyfriend/husband couple, the same color is suitable for the same color system.

Coral nude powder

The coral naked pink with very rustic coral, the upper body feels 8 years old, playful and vibrant color!

Daily commuting does not need to be dressed deliberately, it is easy to create a sense of fashion, low -key and Fan’er ~


rose Red


There is also a super white rose red. This color is relatively bright, and it is also the favorite of my mother, so I will start with my mother immediately ~


Athens black

The upper body of the young boy is a powerful youth temperament, and the upper body of a man who is 30 years old is a mature charm of abstinence. It is particularly thin and thin! Intersection


Dark gray

This color upper body is really super high, gray with a little silver, and men and women are handsome.

I have to say that its existence has subverted my cognition of hedging! Intersection

Simple, atmospheric, and particularly tide, you can start a few more at the event.

Even if you do n’t wear it on your working day, go out on the weekend to climb the mountain and travel on a business trip. It is definitely right to wear it ~

Our company has already purchased more than 50 pieces internally, and it can be imagined how high its cost -effectiveness is.

Everyone hurry up and start, this price, miss regret a year! Intersection

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Yueyue cotton couple jumpsuit! Intersection