Bao Bell’s wife took her daughter out, wearing silver cotton clothes stacked and denim shirts, and pretty tide


As a warm item in winter, cotton clothing items are extremely frequent


Essence However, because the style of cotton clothing is mostly classic black, it will lack sexy in the process of matching, so everyone should choose a lot, try different cotton clothes, and achieve changing dressing.

Summarized a few cotton clothes, unlocked “new” fashion for a week, and fashionable people are also wearing

, Charm experts should have a lot of different cotton clothes, look at the following styles, and easily wear personalities. If you also want to show a different look of styling in winter, you may wish to see the following cotton style and fashionable matching!

Short cotton clothing with fashionable personality

Divided from the length,

Long cotton clothing is more fashionable than short cotton clothes, and it can also avoid the bloated sense of shape.

It can be seen that for fashionable people, choosing short cotton clothes to match is a good match.

The short cotton clothing is very delicate and small, and at the same time, it also occupies a certain advantage in the length of clothing, which is favored by young girls.


The short cotton clothing can also highlight the golden segmentation figure. The short cotton clothing with long casual pants

Or is it a great role in adjusting the waistline to adjust the umbilicus.

Silver cotton jacket superimposed denim ripped shirt

Among them, to match the short cotton clothing of the silver, from the perspective of clothing style, the trend of color is enough to show the personality of the personality under the action of a large area. It is very simple and fashionable to choose to match.


Silver cotton clothes are also very rare, so under the emergence of rare styles, personal styling looks very different.


With a blue denim shirt inside, the fashion sense of stacking is enough to be delicate. At the same time, combined with the modification of the hole -breaking elements, the fashion design of the corner of the clothes is also very layered. You can choose at will.

Recommended leisure style cotton cloth

Light brown lap lap lap

In winter, we dressing in dark color clothing is mainly to choose dark colors.

Therefore, the appearance of light color clothing will further increase the eye -catching degree under the conspicuous effect of the brightness of clothing

, Show a personality and fashionable side. Among them, light brown cotton clothes are a good choice.

Light brown lapel cotton clothing, increase the sense of fashion with short fluffy styles

At the same time, adding fold elements to the bottom of the clothing angle plays a role in dividing the body proportion. And combined with the design of the large lapel neckline, the bright color sense of color can achieve a certain rendering purpose, increase the sense of fashion and delicateness, is enough to show the personality of the personality.

Turn style light brown and short cotton clothing is also very sweet to match. The color is light and colorful, which is enough to show a certain sense of vitality.

With light -colored denim straight pants, a light -colored fashion color matching is eye -catching and fresh, sweet and full, young girls are more suitable for such a sweet dress.

Short white cotton clothes with small black pants

The simpler clothing, the more simple and stylish the effect, the more simple and stylish

Essence Taking the short white white cotton clothes as an example, the soft and elegant color is no matter how much it is for young girls. Moreover, the non -hat -connected cotton clothing will be more concise and more concise, and the bloated feeling will decrease.

Among them, choose a short ivory white cotton jacket with black pants, and the color and classic color matching deeply exist.

At the same time, under the role of minimalist clothing, it is enough to reflect the minimalist model wearing

, Simple atmosphere, it will also reveal a sweet charm.

At the same time, everyone can also choose a black beret to assist in matching. The details are exquisitely dressed. They are leisure and style, and they are gentle and gentle. The sense of softness is more exciting.


Middle -length waist waist black cotton clothing


Black cotton clothing is also very changing in style design, and the basic models are sometimes fashionable.

Everyone can choose to choose according to personal matching ideas. Among them, choosing a black bright noodle model and a cotton jacket with a belt design can easily show the cool side.


Black shiny cotton clothing, the uniqueness on the fabric is enough to show different charm models

The high brightness and the smoothness of the fabric is enough to satisfy everyone on the side of the personality route. At the same time, choose the middle -length black bright cotton clothing to match it to increase the exquisite style of the belt. For young girls, it is tide and cool to match.

There are many fashion styles of cotton clothing. You can locate clothing styles according to your personal dress style.

Light -colored cotton style dominates fresh and sweet style


The dark cotton jacket dominates the high -level light luxury route

For most people, it is a good choice. Each has its own charm and sense of fashion. You can try it at will.