How to wear the leggings in winter? Pay attention to these 3 points to ensure that you are fashionable and warm


In this season of autumn and winter, for each girl, leggings are definitely indispensable. Troy believes that in each girl’s wardrobe, various thickness leggings must be more than one. Although the leggings are worn in autumn and winter, they can keep warm for us, but if they are not worn well, it is really easy to look ugly and rustic.

So sisters, you listen to me, do n’t wear leggings at all, so today Troy has sorted out a few large bottom pants for the sisters, and you need to pay attention. The sisters must take notes seriously. Get up and see.

Pay attention to color matching

Troy found that in the winter, many sisters love to wear black pants. Although black is a universal and versatile color, it is not your best choice. Especially when pairing with black leggings and light -colored items to wear, because the color difference is too large, it will always give people a sense of oldness.


Generally speaking, in the choice of leggings color, Troy also recommends sisters to choose according to the color of the shoes, because the leggings and shoes are matched with the same color, which will make the whole dress over and more natural. And the visually impact will not be so strong.

If you really do n’t understand how to match it, then the sisters can refer to several major formulas compiled by Troy for everyone. For example, the items of the earth color system can be paired with brown leggings, and light -colored items can be paired with white or oatmeal leggings, or Morandi color items, with gray system with gray system The leggings are also a good choice.

Pay attention to the choice of leggings elements

Generally speaking, there are not only light -oriented pants, but also a style with various patterns and patterns, but the style of the leggings is not every one suitable for our daily life. In the choice of leggings, Troy recommends the following three models, and the last one is relatively thinner than the previous two.

For sisters with thick legs, in the choice of leggings, it is best to choose stripes, because the thick stripes will be a lot fatter.


Sisters like different colors below, sisters must not touch it. If you think it can make you wear Japanese style, then you are really too naive. This kind of leggings are really Isn’t it everyday, and it is super unnatural to wear.


If you have to wear stitching leggings, then it is best to choose leggings with the same color but different stitching elements. This stitching leggings should look more daily and natural.

This fake bottoming pants, although it is very warm, is really fat and so on.


Reduce the exposed area of ​​leggings


Troy remembers that when the light -leg artifact was just on fire, it was almost a man, but if it exposed it on a large area, the legs were really super ugly.


Therefore, when sisters wear light -legged artifacts, they must reduce the exposed area, such as with long skirts, so as to reduce the exposed area of ​​leggings, thereby avoiding the embarrassing things caused by leg bending, and A section of the legs will also make the light leg artifact look more natural.

Sisters, one thing you need to remember is that the more dew wearing leggings, the easier it is to expose the shortcomings, so if you don’t have a pair of slender chopsticks legs, then you can obey the thinner ankle part. This makes you look tall and thin.

If you have to wear a short skirt, then you might as well wear leggings and wear a pair of over -the -knee boots, so that you can easily make you have charming long legs.


Well, the precautions for bringing the underwear TROY will talk to the sisters here. When wearing bottom pants in winter, you must keep in mind the above points so that you can make your grace and temperature coexist. Then we can coexist. See you next time.

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