One at most, the whole body locks warmth to keep the knee pads, and the snow and snow days are also resistant to it, no longer cold


This year’s winter is particularly cold, even Guangzhou is frosty, and the place in the suburbs is still freezing! Intersection Intersection

Note: Guangzhou was shot on the morning of January 13, 2021, and it was cold!

And the closer to the New Year, the colder and colder weather. The wind blows during the day, which hurts like a knife cut meat. Not to mention at night, many people do not close their doors in order to save their lives.

Every time I cool down, many people around me wrap themselves into dumplings, thinking that it will be warm when we wear, and it is not convenient to go to the toilet. It is very bloated.


Some friends think that wearing more sweaters can resist cold. In fact, the knitting density of most sweaters is far from enough. The warmth of the cheap ware is very low. The truly warm sweater is very expensive. How to keep warm has always been a hot topic in the office.


In terms of cost -effective, a warm clothes for black technology fabrics are far more cold than sweaters! Choose the right warm underwear, which is more effective than wearing 3 sweaters!

This is a picture of reverse, the front is black! Intersection Intersection

Gold fluff+air layer+combing cotton

Three layers of locks, put on this warm clothes, and then set a down jacket, you can carry it at minus 10 degrees!

This is a high -density “golden velvet” thickened warm clothes. The knee position of the pants is particularly designed with a beige short velvet wool knee. The whole family can wear it.

Especially the elders’ knees are prone to cold, and it is more at ease and warm to put on it.

The New Year is coming, buying gifts to the elders, of course, you have to bring them this set of warmth and intimate warm clothes.

The inner layer of this warm jacket is made of special


Three Super Golden Slutter


The fabric, that is, the high warmth in the industry is very high “

Golden velvet

“It is a special heating fabric composed of cotton, spandex and polyester fiber.

The softness and warmth of the golden velvet are available

Comparable cashmere


, But the golden velvet is more skin -friendly, and it is not tied at all, as smooth and soft like the baby muscle. It is warm and not dry, and it will not cause dry skin of sensitive muscles.

After putting it on, the body temperature was firmly locked, and the cold hands and feet were warmed up all at once! One piece, get rid of bloated, light and warm!

The warm reputation of the golden velvet fabric is so good, mainly because its velvet thickness and longness are long and short.



, So that the dense fluff can remain a lot of heat, the fluffy fiber locks the body temperature and heat.


When the body is warm, the heat will be blocked by the dense velvet of the golden velvet to form

Reverse loop


, Effectively lock the heat and reduce the loss.

At the same time, when physical activity and body temperature rises, the calories are stored more lasting, and


Keep warm all day.

At the same time, this fabric also adds water core suction function, quickly absorb humidity and discharge with cold air outside to keep the skin throughout the day






Not sultry.

General warm clothes, the indoor body sensing temperature of the human body is generally in


30-32 degrees

On the left and right, due to uneven warmth, the position of the neck, sleeves, and calves often feels very cold, and the hands and feet are cold.


And putting on this golden velvet warm jacket, our physical temperature can be maintained

35-37 degrees


Left and right, warm but not dry, very comfortable.

The knee position of the pants is specially designed

Rice white short velvet wool knee


, Follow the knee high.

Many friends think that the pants with their own knee pads will be slightly bloated to wear? no! This golden velvet wool knee warm suit,

Pants are very fit


, Elastic, can take care of warmth and self -cultivation, not bloated at all. Five stars!

There are three layers of the fabrics of this golden velvet heating jacket: the inner layer is



Heat storage sandwich layer

, Increase the temperature of the temperature and reduce the temperature of the temperature; the outermost layer is a combed cotton knitting layer.

It is equivalent to the two warm layers inside and outside, and the air layer is separated by the middle, which is more warm and more locked.

The outer combing cotton is the last one

Temperature barrier

, Effectively form a layer of locking layer, firmly lock the large amount of heat in the short velvet and the air layer, making the human body warmer.

A set of golden velvet warm jackets can at most bottoming shirts+sweaters. The movement is not bloated and too comfortable!


After I put on my pants, I put on my pants, the slightest


Not tight, move freely.

Repeatedly pulling more than a dozen times

No deformation!

Ultra -high quality can be visible!

The test results of the breathability of the fabric are also very good. Putting the warm clothes close to the steam iron. The outermost combed cotton looks like tens of thousands of small holes, so that the water vapor will spread from the inside to the outside.

Wetness and sweats!

Put the warm clothes on the hot water cup. On the left is the common warm clothes on the market. The fabric is too dense, and the water vapor cannot be discharged. On the right is the golden velvet warm jacket, less than 30 seconds, the buckle glass is full of water vapor! Really

“Breathing” fabric!

The most worried about buying personal clothes is the safety of color dye, and we also tested.

Put this warm jacket in the water for half an hour and rub it hard,


Removal water unchanged

The color solid effect is very good.

Anti -friction is also very good, don’t worry about playing for a long time.

Most warm underwear on the market,


Either the loose version is collapsed, or the sleeves and trousers are too narrow to cause inconvenience. Haven’t you bought a very comfortable and comfortable heating clothes?

Try this golden velvet wool knee care


Warm clothes! In addition to the excellent cold resistance, it has also improved many times.

After wearing it, you can be close and free.

The version is thin!


The seemingly ordinary round neck also contains a lot


Be careful

Essence Many men do not like to wear warm clothes because they are worried that the neckline or cuffs are exposed and they are inconvenient.

And this warm clothes deliberately make the size of the neckline slightly wider, just lower than the shirt neckline, wear a warm clothes, and then wear a shirt. Its personal version and lower neckline design make the warm clothes completely invisible!

This product has been sold well since the cooling, and it is well received!

I will fight for you this time

Welfare price!


Original price 299 set, now only need

199 yuan


, And can get a value

129 yuan Cashmere warm scarf!

The inventory changes in real time, the color is randomly issued, and the last time it is after grabbing!

The last wave of benefits before the Spring Festival, this cold winter, with this set of warm clothes+scarves+coats!


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Golden Slice Prevention Warm Bottom Cost

¥ 199


Golden velvet