Retro cycling gloves “Feng Yun” is very unique new color scheme comes


At the Chongqing Motor Expo, whether it is equipment or model, the retro style can be said to be getting hotter. The previously launched Fengyun retro gloves have received most of the praise. We continue to excel and seek refinement and make new upgrades on the basis of the original.


The punching design at the thumb is added



The color matching has also increased to 5 species

The “Neon Orange” VESPA sprint 125, known as the super unpopular, now there are super -colored riding gloves!


Gloves are adopted


High -quality imported sheepskin

Made, 2-3 pieces of leather for making a pair of gloves, cortexes are available

Strong stretch

A whole leather gloves that use better leather leather will continue to stretch with it, and then gradually soften and shape to achieve a very comfortable and comfortable effect.


Two layers of leather are sewn in the palm of the palm, and the joints of the palms and the fingers are also held up with a layer of leather.

Increase the wear resistance of gloves

Essence The inside of the finger uses the outer suture process to improve the comfort of wearing, while adding a retro “rough feeling.”

Boxing peaks, palm roots and other parts are used

Built -in EVA buffer block


, To have a certain effect of anti -collision and absorption, which can basically meet the daily riding needs; for retro -set riding gloves, the protective resistance will be relatively weaker.

The back of the hand adopts a double -layer elastic design, and the handle will not feel tight.


I won’t feel tired for a long time

; There are also tightening designs to make gloves more fitting.


The new version also has a punch design on the thumb, which is more ventilated, suitable for ride on spring, summer and autumn

In the choice of yellow, black brown coloring and black, boldly added




Baihuang Pinsea


, Very unique style color matching.

These two new color matching, we still

There is an XS code


, Welcome to the smaller riders and female knights to buy; such as riders with large hands, the previous three colors have relatively large size.

(Orange red size: Only XS, S, M; White and yellow color -colored size: Only XS, S, M, L)

Orange color matching display >>>

The surface of the skin will also be used to form a paste, which can highlight the retro taste in appearance

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