Finally, the new bag of “grounding”, the more I am back, the more fragrant


What is a happy planet? Buying a bag is definitely one of them!

It’s been two months since we were talking about the last time (why the editor thinks it has passed for half a year?!) In addition to changing the new bag in autumn and winter, it is time to talk about new bags ~ From the show, the luxury card is turned all the way to the blogger street shooting, but it turned out to be Find–

Edit’s favorite shoulder bag is popular again? Intersection


Such as the hottest



For example, very hot


Another example is “explosive bag manufacturing machine”


This is also the same

Da, early autumn new 秋

Did you find that this season, various fashion brands

Not only did the PLUS version of the popular handbags, many new products are also large bags.


The feeling for the editor is: as if the designers were “grounded” overnight! Knowing that the bag is not only used to pretend to be cute and fashionable, but also you need to install your mobile phone, iPad, files, keys, cosmetic bags, disinfectant, paper towels …


Especially the shoulder style that can be left on the back,


Practical and convenient, not being confused with your back

The most likely the most likely to go out of the workplace, the heroine of the workplace simply and do things.



Women who love to carry such bags are usually pragmatic.

They think


“The items are born for need”

Of course, it is a few “specific moments” when pretending to be cute and exquisite. Most of the time, career families must be taken into account.


The overall is still charming, calm, and good -looking.

Such a woman deserves to applaud her. God knows how much time she spent, how much brains she spent, how much brains, and how much they looked like.

But now, we can copy the answer!

Speaking of whitening, if you are a woman who is working hard and refuses to abandon beauty, you will need such a large shoulder bag,

It makes you feel practical and peace of mind

We took the popular style this year and found that the most worthy shoulder bags were these three models.

When it comes to the most classic style, Totbag must have the name.

The editor said it is

The lowest -key but most ambitious bag (

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Because the style is simple and particularly capable, there is a temperament of “everything is in control”; the post -95s in the editorial department also love this one, because it is straightforward and well -known, which can especially satisfy them

“Everything is OK, no choice”

as well as

“If you want to find it, find it at a glance”

Simple demand.

Sure enough, among many fashion bloggers, the strongest workplace sense

Anouk yve

Favorite Totbags. So that every time the editor wants to start with a new TOTE, she will go through her street shooting to see what kind of fashionable and fashionable goods she bought recently?

Such as this one

Neous Saturn TOTE

We have recommended it a few times before. Look at Anouk’s upper body effect, it really is good!

and also

By Malene Birger

Totor, the blogger has been repeatedly reused many times, and still feels good.

The impression of the editor’s bag of this brand:

The style is not exaggerated but has texture


It belongs to the type that can be carried for many years.

Take the most common solid color Totbag, her family’s

Abilla handbag


It is made of whole leather, but the leather is treated as a delicate and smooth soft touch, and it feels very good with the flesh. This bag only


Black and nude color


Two types, as the “town store”


Self -heavy and light -looking

If you want a handbag that does not chase the trend and carry every day, you can consider it ~


It is probably this effect c is very cozy ~

Practical but not the world, but there is a requirement for low -key,


It is the reason we fall in love with Tot.

Anouk has often memorized recently, as well as this black, white big tote bag

(Actually the same one)

,it is


The double -sided handbags launched: On the one hand, there are soft and tough numbers, and on the other hand, the texture of the texture of the pill, the bottom of the bag is inlaid leather to increase durability. (There are more than a dozen color matching to choose from, do homework, most of the colors are classic and versatile)




Pursuit of practicality does not mean to give up personality

Essence Many brands have launched a highly fashionable canvas Tot this year, such as

Peter do


This LOGO TOTE directly embroidered the brand name “Do” on the bag, which is simple and special. I want to chop my hands ~


Thinking of the photos of the editor -in -chief in the “Edit Partial Enjoyment” of yesterday’s “Edit Partial Enjoyment”, I was talking about the watch, and all the newspaper friends were watching the bag. The brand of this bag also replied in the message, that is

Massimo dutti

Not expensive but very expensive.

Editor here insert a sentence

, I may have smelled the new trend of bags in the dark recently. In July, I decisively started a LV Vintage bag.

Delightful series

Personally, I think it is more foreign than NEVERFULL, and there is no rotten street. It has a temperament in the 1990s. At that time, it was less than 8K when I bought it. It is said that the popularity has risen now, and the price has risen a lot! (I don’t buy stocks, buy bags first)

It is difficult to describe this type of packaging, you can say it is like crescent, dumplings, ravioli and the like, in short, it refers to this good and soft and cute

Ring handbag


, You can post on your shoulders on your shoulders.

From Louis Vuitton, Bottega Veneta to TOD ’s, Chloe, Celine, similar packaging types have been launched.

Its capacity is not as good as a bert bag, but

The round “belly” is also durable

In addition, this year’s autumn and winter has a lot of medium and large bag types. It is enough for daily life, and the styling of these bags itself is very strong, and it is too fashionable to carry. More importantly, its prototype design has shortened the length of the bag to a certain extent, so

It is a big bag of “small body friendly”.

The two above from the Spanish niche brand

Adolfo Dominguez


Soon after the founder studied film art in Paris in the 1970s, he returned to OureNSE to inherit his father’s business and founded the brand of the same name.


His Spanish fellow, fashion blogger

Zina Charkoplia

I really like this round moon -shaped handbag,

The length of the handle is just right, you can just carry it on the shoulder

, Habita will not be too long.



Alexis foreman



Aesther ekme handbag


It is also a similar bag, and there are multiple sizes to choose from.

There is also a shoulder style with a longer strap, a tall girl is very chic ~ blogger

Pornwika Spiecker

Use light chiffon gauze shirts, suit pants and loafers, with the Polish brand



The moon -shaped handbags are easy and handsome, and they are very suitable for women who have an elite temperament like her.

Manu atelier

The large HOBO is also very fashionable ~ The design is simple and tough, the size is right, and the matching degree is very high.


Demellier “Milan” square ring handbag


The skin is soft, the wide strap is connected to the bag, and the back is firm, but it is also very comfortable.


The editor was originally a firm square bag enthusiast, until the model was being model

Caroline lossberg

This photo hit -was planted



Semi -circular

Nora handbag

It does not fully meet the definition of “big bags”, but this size is just right for a shoulder bag with a silhouette and attitude.

There is also a softer and concise Mona handbag. The bag is also equipped with a short handle, which can be used as a handbag.

Fashion editor

Sophia ROE

And blogger

Beatrice Gutu

They all picked the nude color, including the clothes they wore, and given a complete matching solution. Whether it is equipped with a milk -white sweater or a classic khaki trench coat, this bag is 100 points.

It can also be seen from the side,

The large capacity of this bag is reflected in the width


The widening body is also very resistant.


Also recommended


The new “lin”, in other words, this advertising film is too beautiful! Intersection The slightly depressed semi -circular bag can be seen from the appearance that its capacity is considerable.

The brand has specially found models with different height and styles to appear in advertising


It can be speculated that the effect of the bag on the back of the bag is probably pretty good!

The frequent brand signboards in the street shooting

Hortensia handbag

It is also an elegant semi -circular. The length of the band is just a shoulder bag or a hand.


This bag itself is relatively large, and the large size is still medium. It is necessary to compare according to the height and size. The model is just Medium Size. The editor feels that it is big enough, and all kinds of portable items and iPad are easy to relax.

Here here, I want to say something:

How are so many bags so many bags? Intersection

This is a big handbag alone, which makes people look at it ~ Today this carefully selected bag, all have


Practical, reliable and fashionable and versatile

The traits, and this is not the most needed for women who are busy in the workplace and life?

Let’s take a look at the content of long face, autumn, and poster street shooting:

It is also a long face. Some people are old, and some are showing temperament. Where is the difference?

After watching the new season of BV, I feel like this autumn is not as good as we also wear a bright color?

The “big cousin” appeared after pregnancy. Selina did not show up for a long time. Anya was really a fairy! 【Poster Street Shooting】

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