Guangzhou decoration different types of seamless hook advantages and characteristics


Family decoration is completed in the home decoration, we will choose some hooks to decorate different spaces, no trace hooks, environmental protection, can be used repeatedly, long life, no wound wall, suitable for a variety of smooth surface kitchen hanging, bathroom , Bedroom, complete waterproof, oil, dust, dust, can be rinsed with cleaner.

Guangzhou decoration

Different types of seamless hook advantages and features.

1. For the viscose-type non-trace hook, a non-trace-hanging hook product produced by chemical adhesive is mainly dependent on the quality of the viscose. However, there is a high viscosity, and the viscosity is very high, and the viscose residual remains on the wall will be removed. And because the viscose-type seamless hook is used as a hook that produces an effect in chemical effects, water and temperature are relatively sensitive, and water vapor and temperature in the bathroom and kitchen are different from the special environment of the normal environment, it is easy to output. Simply, it is bonded to a double-sided adhesive after the hook, and there is strict restriction on the requirements of the carrier. 2. For the suction plate-type non-trace hook, the non-trace hook made by the physical effect of atmospheric pressure is relatively simple, and the requirements for the use of the surface are also stricter, and the time and thermal expansion is harmful. There are two possible problems in relationships: adsorption is not easy and should not remove its fundamental point is a clean air, so that the role of the atmosphere is completely high. This should be taken in different ways according to the actual load capacity. Otherwise, it is not easy to reach the purpose. 3, for the easy-to-tissueless hook, in fact, the easy-to-use non-trace hook belongs to a viscose-type non-trace hook, but the two technical features of this type of viscose are also separated as separate One type is introduced. Since the comparison operation step is more complicated, there is a detailed operation step on the back of the product packaging, and it can be operated in accordance with the instructions.

4, movable seamless hook is a composite hook, combined with the three working modes of adhesive, friction, and atmospheric pressure, becoming a non-trace waterproof, removable repeated use (exemption strip) Heavy gravity, the skin is smudged or water. It can be said that the movable seamless hook makes it increasingly convenient and casual. The non-trace of hanging hooks is highly supported by environmental protection, focusing on convenience, focusing on the conciseness of life. Therefore, its maximum value is not in the individual individual use, more in the non-destructive base point, with it instead of expansion screws. Let the installation have no trace, simple. My home life, I am the personality era, the convenience is not ignored, and the child can freely disassemble and install, no longer let the installation as a project. There is no margin, when you want to convert the style, you can change your style, create a different bathroom style, or warm romantic or naughty or noble and fashion, vivid bathroom decoration will leave a different The bath enjoyment, making people feel more enjoyable and relaxed, hung in bathroom, touched, touched people with color, stylish quality, a lot of people.


Guangzhou decoration different types of seamless hook advantages and characteristics