The 14 -year -old girl was punished by a school sister to squat and disabled.


Surging News reporter He Liquan intern Wu Danping

Due to a “corporal punishment” at the school, the 14 -year -old girl Tongtong (pseudonym) in Hejiang County, Sichuan, Sichuan encountered the “dark moment” of life.


According to the testimony of Tongtong and his classmates, on the evening of June 10, 2020, the school life teacher and student union sisters in Hejiang County (the school currently co -organized with the Pionee Vocational High School) found that there was a pack of Tongtong bed when he was sleeping. snack. Sister Xueyitong squatted 150 times, and the life teacher stood aside and did not stop it. This “punishment” caused a joint injury of the left ankle. After many treatment, it was unable to cure, and was identified as “nine -level disability” and “tenth -level disability”.

For more than a year, Tongtong still needs to travel with a cane. The pictures of this article are taken by the surging news reporter He Liquan

“The feet are very painful, and walking needs to be used for walking.” On September 17, 2021, Tongtong told Peng Mei News that because the treatment was delayed, he left the grade. He is currently studying the third grade. In addition, medical proof shows that Tongtong was diagnosed with “depression.” Her mother Ms. Zhou told Peng Mei News that her daughter had a self -disabled behavior.

Ms. Zhou said that a number of professional doctors said that Tongtong’s physical injury was “irreversible” and could only be relieved by rehabilitation training in the later period, and this requires a lot of costs. In the past year after the incident, in addition to the cost of more than 100,000 yuan during the preliminary treatment process, which was paid by Hejiang County Middle School Middle School. Regarding subsequent treatment and rehabilitation costs, the two parties have been coordinated by the local education department. Reach consistency.

The surging news noticed that on August 13, the Education and Sports Bureau of Hejiang County responded to this matter through the network channel. Under the legal framework, strive to resolve the negotiation between the two parties. ” On September 17, the surging news contacted Xu Junke, the principal of Xianshi Middle School, interviewed, and he refused to respond to Tongtong’s injury on the phone. On September 26, Ms. Zhou told Peng Mei News that the school proposed a new compensation plan, but she had not yet accepted it.

The “corporal punishment” caused by a check -ups

On September 17, 2021, when the surging news reporter saw Tongtong at the entrance of Xianshi Middle School in Hejiang County, she wore a school uniform and a crutch, and seemed to be struggling every step. When talking to people, his expression was dull, and his eyes were always looking elsewhere.

Tongtong recalled that after 10 pm on June 10 last year, he returned to the bedroom to prepare for a rest. Essence Tongtong said that “Lou Chang” was a senior sister of herself. Tongtong immediately explained, “This is not my snack. I don’t know who put it on my bed.” But this explanation was not recognized. Immediately, “Lou Chang” punished her for 300 squats and wrote a thousand words for review.

“My ankle was injured in April that year, and I almost recovered at that time. I was afraid that I was injured after the strenuous exercise. “, Just changed 300 squats to 150. Students who were sleeping with Tongtong confirmed that snacks were afraid of being thrown on Tongtong’s bed. Tongtong explained to the chief of the inspection, but Lou Chang did not believe it.

A student who was also punished for being punished because of bringing snacks into the bedroom, because he was found to carry snacks in the bedroom, and 8 students such as himself and Tongtong were asked to go to the first floor dam to receive corporal punishment. “I was fined 300 squats. Sports, Tongtong did 150, and I also made 10 laps of duck steps. “The student mentioned that the life teacher sat at the door to supervise and did not stop it.

After Tongtong finished 150 squats, his feet appeared tingling. At that time, she was silent. Until I returned home on Friday, June 12, Ms. Zhou found that her daughter was limping and had a swollen bag on her feet. After questioning, Tongtong told her that she was in school. Ms. Zhou immediately communicated with the class teacher, and the other party told her that she did not know about it.

On June 15, 2020, the Municipal Middle School brought Tongtong to a orthopedic hospital in the county for inspection. After the inspection, the school informed Ms. Zhou that Tongtong’s injury was a soft tissue injury and it was not a big deal. However, on June 17, the joints of Tongtong’s feet felt weak and pain again. Ms. Zhou immediately rushed to the school to pick up her daughter. The school also paid 2,000 yuan for Ms. Zhou for treatment.

After walking, you need to use a cane

Since then, Ms. Zhou took her daughter to go to Luzhou, Chengdu, Chongqing and other places for treatment. The hospitalization medical records of the Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital affiliated to Southwest Medical University showed that on June 19, 2020, Tongtong was admitted to the hospital for treatment due to “sprains caused by sprain and swelling companion activity.” The hospital’s preliminary diagnosis of Tongtong was “left ankle joint sprains”, and was diagnosed as “left ankle sprains and strain” when he was discharged.

Then at the Affiliated Hospital of Southwest Medical University, Tongtong’s condition was diagnosed as: “Left and outer ankle fractures, chronic instability of the left outer ankle bone, left -outer collateral ligament damage, left and dice joint fracture.” On July 1, 2020, She performed joint surgery at the Affiliated Hospital of Southwest Medical University, but because the fracture block was too small, she could not reset it with steel nails. She could only remove the broken bone block.

Tongtong said that after surgery, his feet pain did not be significantly relieved, and “can’t sleep at night.” In order to take care of her daughter, Ms. Zhou, who was a single mother, quit her job and continued to receive treatment with Tongtong, but many professional doctors said that Tongtong’s injuries were already irreversible physical injuries. As a result, it could not be changed, and in the later period, it could only be relieved by rehabilitation training.

Last year, the Affiliated Hospital of Southwest Medical University made a medical certificate that Tongtong was in a “depression” after the incident. Doctors suggested that he insists on treatment, avoid mental stimulation, and prevent accidents. “She said nothing now.” Ms. Zhou said that her daughter closed herself, her temper became irritable and irritable. She had a self -disabled behavior this year.

School door

The compensation plan has not been reached yet

According to Ms. Zhou, since Tongtong was admitted to the hospital, the school has undertaken the cost of more than 100,000 yuan through direct transfer to the hospital and WeChat transfer to her. But for subsequent compensation and other issues, she has not reached an agreement with the school. Ms. Zhou said that her daughter’s ankle is currently unbearable. In the future, she also involves rehabilitation treatment. Her psychological health problems are also worrying. “I have taken her to see a psychologist, some effects, but once 300 yuan, it is too expensive.”

In October 2020, the Sichuan Luzhou Kozheng Judicial Appraisal Center was identified as “80%of the joint function” of Tongtong and was rated as “nine levels of disability”. This means that Tongtong’s lifelong action is limited, and perhaps he must travel with a cane throughout his life.

In March 2021, Ms. Zhou sued the Municipal Middle School. The Hejiang County Court subsequently commissioned the Sichuan Boyu Judicial Appraisal Office to identify the degree of disability and subsequent treatment fees. Tong’s joint function loss is more than 50%, and the degree of disability is level ten.

Ms. Zhou said that the report made herself lose confidence, then withdrew the prosecution, and instead asked Hejiang County Education Department to intervene in coordination.

On August 12, 2021, Ms. Zhou reflected the daughter’s corporal punishment and disability through the “Spicy Community” through the Sichuan Internet Invoicing Platform “Spicy Community”. The next day, the Hejiang County Education and Sports Bureau of Luzhou City confirmed that Tongtong was injured in the school with corporal punishment injuries in the school.

Hejiang County Education and Sports Bureau stated in the reply that after the injury of Tongtong on the evening of June 10, 2020, the school always put the students’ injury treatment first, and sent it to the Zhang’s Orthopedic Hospital in Hejiang County, Inspection and treatment of Sichuan Huaxi Hospital, Chongqing Xinqiao Hospital, etc., all medical expenses during the early treatment process have been paid by the school in full. During the student hospitalization treatment, the school paid the costs of their family care, life, nutrition and other costs at a standard of 300 yuan/day. The relevant costs have been paid in full after each stage of treatment.

“In order to fully protect the rights and interests of students and parents, the school, county education and sports bureaus, etc. have negotiated with parents many times, and have not reached consensus.” Hejiang County Education and Sports Bureau said that the bureau requested the school to actively communicate with parents and fully consider the child’s injury injury to injuries. Love and family reality, under the framework of affection, reasonable and legal, strive to resolve the negotiation between the two parties. At the same time, parents are also recommended to clarify school responsibilities through judicial procedures and use legal means to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests.


On September 17, the disability compensation was caused by the injury. The surging news contacted Xu Junke, the principal of Xianshi Middle School, and the other party did not respond. On September 26, Ms. Zhou told Peng Mei News that the school proposed a new compensation plan, but she still did not accept, “No one can say about this (treatment, rehabilitation) cost. Small, she is still very long in her life. “

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