The cold winter cotton coat is selected, and the collar collar is fashionable and warm!


Have you wake up and find that the weather is much cold. In the past few days, the temperature in the country has dropped sharply. In such cold weather, it is a distance outside the bed. There is no warm coat at all. I will introduce a few special suitable for you


The cotton coat in the cold winter is fashionable and warm.

White hairy collar cotton clothing coat

Mao Mao collar cotton jackets are really good in winter. This cotton coat Mao Mao collar is a highlight. The long and cut shape creates a high -level sense. It locks warmth around the neck. But flexible, three -dimensional pocket design, which can not only warm hands and add a trace of leisure sense of work style. It is simple and fashionable.

Light green hair collar cotton clothing coat

2. The temperature decreases sharply. At this time, a thickened cotton clothing is simply a must -have item. The cotton clothing itself is a loose straight version. The skirt -like bottoming to modify the leg shape, and it is more feminine. The hair collar on the hat after standing up the collar is just right around the neck, and the cold winter is not afraid.


Fange Mao Mao collar cotton clothes coat


3. This hairy collar cotton clothing coat has an irresistible gentle and sweet temperament. The pink checkered pattern is not monotonous. , To improve the waistline, the legs are long, and it is not bloated in winter. The shape of the horn sleeve shows a sweet atmosphere. It is warm to the feet from the head to the toe.


Temperament green hair collar cotton clothing coat

4. This long loose hair and cotton collar cotton coat. Winter is enough to resist the cold wind. A whole circle of fluffy and soft big hair collar around your neck. Super soft and cute, the spiral collection design of the bottom of the cotton clothing avoids the old design style, and also makes a small slit, making the cotton clothes more playful, fashionable and warm!

The cold winter cotton coat is selected, and the collar collar is fashionable and warm! For such a cold day, get up quickly.

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