You should change your pajamas! You have to wear exquisite, exquisite and thin at home


In the past two days, I organized the wardrobe, and a lot of loose T -shirt reminded me:

You should change your pajamas!


To be honest, I really didn’t pay much attention to pajamas. Don’t look at my surface bright. As soon as summer, I often grab a T -shirt as pajamas and love to be lazy at home.

But recently have a particularly deep feeling: under the huge life and work pressure,

The sense of ritual and happiness is important!


Therefore, good things like pajamas, aromatherapy, storage boxes, flowers, etc. have become a new field I explore, which can not only improve the quality of home life, but also allow me to eliminate the fatigue of a day.

Let’s talk about pajamas first today.

For me, the first essence of pajamas is comfortable, especially in summer pajamas, there must be a better sense of comfort. After all, the weather is sweltering and the clothes are not breathable and not soft and waxy, but it is too uncomfortable!

And it ’s good to look good. After all, occasionally go downstairs to throw a garbage, take a takeaway, and wear an old big T -shirt. When encountering acquaintances, it is basically a large -scale dying scene.

Simple and classic, you have to wear delicate and beautiful at home

Do n’t think of pajamas, just wear it casually. Imagine that you have to take a takeaway, express delivery or something, it is too much trouble.


How important it is to choose a pajamas with “getting a hand”!

Even if you are too lazy to dress up, you can see people brightly.

Take our ice -silk pajamas, for example, the design of the separation set of up and down, there is no extra embellishment, it is generous, it is convenient to do anything, and it is not inappropriate to wear it at any time.


Not only is it full of practicality, there are many thin details, which are highly inclusive to the figure, and anyone can control it.


Classic H version

The whole set is the H version of the three -dimensional cut. Whether you are a pear -shaped or apple -shaped figure, you can wear it. With the hangingness of the fabric,


Cover the meat and thin


Naturally, I don’t need to say more.


Round neck

The collar type uses the least pick -up round neck. Although it is routine, it will not make an error when you wear it in daily leisure.

But the round neck also depends on the size of the neckline. Why do some people look short and have no temperament in the round? It is because the neckline is small. If the neck itself is relatively short, it will be uncomfortable to wear.

Although this set is the setting of the home service, the exquisite sense is not ambiguous at all, and the neckline

Just show a small part of the clavicle

The effect of thinness won my heart.



Not too exposed

Don’t worry about the sleeping position too barbaric and so on.

No trace design

The seemingly unpretentious set, it looks really “bright”. It can also DIY. If you feel that you can wear a cuffs, collar, and clothing without reaching a comfortable state, everyone can


Cut out according to your preferences.

Because it is a edge design itself, there will be no problem of pumping or hair edges at all.

High pine tight pants waist

Not just the top, the waist of the lower dress is also a careful machine. In order to ensure comfort, it must be

High bomb loose waist

, Do not loosen or not;


In order to wear the decent feeling, I made a one in front of the waist of the trousers

Bowlabbing strap


, Not only can you adjust your waistline by yourself, but also add a sense of playfulness to the whole. It is really acceptable to wear it every day!

Skin -friendly, silk slippery feel is no less than that of silk, if you wear it, if you don’t,

There is a kind of naked sleep

Essence Especially after applying your body milk, the clothes will not stick to your body. I really love it!

This blue, milk fufu ~ give people a quiet and refreshing feeling,


Realize dual comfort in body feel and vision! I stayed in this set!


Pink is also my heart, and the saturation is not high. Even yellow and black skin like me can hold it. Not only is it white, it can also create a cute and beautiful girly sense.

When wearing the outside, you can also stuff the corner of the shirt into the lower dress, fill the proportion of the lower body, which is more fashionable.