The new new straw in Guiyang milk tea shop, guess what is doing?


At the beginning of this year, the drink industry and the frequent fast food industry used to use plastic straw responded to the national “banned order” call, and the plastic pipette was replaced by a paper straw, PLA (biodegradable) straw. Because the paper absorber cost is relatively low, many brands first start with paper absorption.


But very fast, the “problem” of paper straws concentrated, the first month of the year, the paper absorber is soft, not open, and there is a variety of problems such as odor. On Weibo, # 纸 吸 让 让 我 了 了 茶 快 快 快 快 快 题 题 快 快 题 题 题 快 的 的 的 # # 没 快 # # # # 快 快 没 断 断 断 # # 断 断 断 断 断 断 没 断 没 断 断 没 没 断 断 断 断 没 断 没 断 没 没

Various “paper straw disaster scene” pictures of netizens

In winter, many stores are mainly hot drinks, milk tea products, and many small materials are pearls, sauna, soap potato, etc. At this time, the shortcomings of paper straws are more exposed. In an interview, a “deeply and harm” tea shop owner recalled that self-playing paper straw, the procurement amount increased significantly, “

There are also customers say that the pearl milk tea, paper paper absorption, because the pearl and paper absorption inner wall will have friction, basically can’t succeed, too powerful, almost give up drinking pearl milk tea.


△ netizen sun

Based on the various problems in the above paper straw, many brands have been in front of the Spring Festival: except for paper absorption, additional PLA straws are added. The news came out, the fans quickly supported: “I finally changed! I fell in love with milk tea!”

Recently, the reporter visited the Guiyang market to find that it is not just a large chain brand, many small and medium-sized brands, considering consumer experience and repurchase, also uses a PLA straw. For example, in a small procedure of the tea, the paper straw and PLA straw can be provided to the customer choice.

According to reports, the PLA straw “taste” is close to the plastics, which is made of canned neoplastic quality with corn stalk. Most customers believe that the experience is better than paper absorption, but the cost is also high. Some customers also reflect that some PLA straits on the market are not stable enough, and there is a odor and no high temperature.

In an interview, the reporter also found that the store is still used in the store, and the PLA straw is not provided. It is understood that there are still a store that is still insisting on using paper straws. One of the reasons is the difference in cost.

Industry discloses, the cost of a PLA straw, depending on the grammatosis, may be 3 to 10 times the plastic straw. There is a milk tea shop, telling reporters, traditional non-degradable plastic straw costs around 1 penny, paper straw costs are around 3 points, while PLA is the highest cost, about one requires 5 points to 8 points.


There is a drink shop owner for a bill: he is now using the PLA straw, plus loss, which is equivalent to nearly 3,000 yuan in the “hard cost” – for a small shop, this is not a Small numbers. “There is no way, there are too many complaints, affecting the re-purchase rate, and you have to replace it.” Drink shop owner said


It is understood that after the Spring Festival, the paper absorber is upgraded to a PLA straw and is becoming a trend in the Guiyang tea industry.

In the interview, the multi-milk tea fans also said that after replacing a PLA straw, everyone’s experience is really greatly improved. “For the purpose of environmental protection, use PLA straw instead of plastic straws. We are still very agreed. However, the cost of the store has increased the problem. As a consumer, we think more is still a personal experience. Previous paper straw, really let us I want to give up drinking milk tea. “

In order to solve the problem such as the lid, the store is not easy to add the cover, and convert the plastic sealing film to the paper sealing film. For example, the reporter can see a number of brands such as Tea Hundred Road, which has been replaced with a paper sealing film of “one tie”.


△ PLA straw + paper sealing film

The more fierce in tea is more fierce, in addition to the core competition factors such as taste, all stores attach great importance to the individual experience of consumers. A famous brand Guiyang one store long told reporters: User is picky in it, the current tea experience competition, it has been fine to the diameter of the straw, the degree of adaptation of pearls, the sealing film needs to be able to take the details. “In the best detail experience that can withstand users, I believe is the focus of each brand development.”


Guiyang Daily Strong Media Reporter: Happy

Source: Guiyang Evening News